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Three gulab jamun day of Belik Boom

This gulab jamun is impalpable, unlike the one we eat as dessert. It can only imbibe by ears and releases a psychedelic syrup in mind

Demoniac Insomniac india 2018 psyfamily india

Rave plan with Demoniac Insomniac in India

Boris Kirov a.k.a Demoniac Insomniac is a prime name cognate with Active Meditation Music, a 2008 established record label from Macedonia.    The Journey Within by

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Directing mind into Meditation

Directing mind, it means to flow with the thoughts rather than resisting them and we will also forge a habit for meditation. Initial days of meditation, we

Through the shamanic eye of an Irish musician

Brendan Ring is an author, an Irish musician and a mystic. He is known for his literary work in shamanism and kundalani awakening. Currently, he