Music New release

Enkoprinja’s Distorted dimension on AMM

This EP has good jungle grooves and dance floor energy. The BPM ranges from 146 to 150. The work of bass is remarkable, giving alternate and uncommon energy in the legs. I am sure this music will be in the playlist of many DJs around the globe. All tracks are good, but my favourite track is… I’ll tell at last.

Music New release

‘Har Har Mahadev’ is new VA by Goa Gil

Har har Mahadev! is originally a war cry used by devotees of Lord Shiva. Mahadev is another name of Shiva meaning God of Gods. As beliefs and teachings, Shiva is within us all. We have to discover it.

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Radio trance & chill – Radiozora, DMT fm.

Sometime I get out of fresh music to listen. Soundcloud and Bandcamp are my two top listening points. Soundcloud Station is a wonderful feature that keep the music going. Depending upon listening history, likes, and what other people listened after, AI creates playlist on the fly.

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Audiogramme at Adapt Studio [Interview]

With the constantly rising number of music festivals each year, we keep seeing a global growth in the music industry. The ever-growing popularity of Electronic Dance Music in India has paved the way for a fleet of people to explore more of electronic music and seriously consider music production or Dj-ing as a viable career option. 

On a bright afternoon, I make my way into one of the most successful academies for electronic music production, situated in Hauz Khas in our country’s capital, New Delhi. 


Pettra on India Tour (Nov 2019, Get Tickets)

Jonatan Shreiber was born in Jerusalem in 1989. He is the man behind the project – ‘Pettra’ which first appeared in 2014 on the Australian label Up Rec. I listened to this Album, Middle Eastern, first in 2015 & hooked to this uncommon style and Track name ‘Desert’ remain hot in my DJ set playlist in that year.


Demoniac Insomniac from Active Meditation Music [INTERVIEW]

Q: It’s been 10 years since Active meditation Music label first appeared in 2008. As a #10yearChallenge, whats that one big shift? Like in challenge photos comparing a big change. How would you explain that in words?


Actually, it is 11 years now!
Keeping an underground label is a challenge every day, we are away from the commercial scene, at least in our approach to writing music.
Active Meditation Music has become a base for discovering new ideas and talented musicians, some of the artists go away from the label, doing their own story or become commercial, for me it is very hard to pass cheesy music in my record label even today…
Active Meditation Music is always pushing forward with ideas! We were one of the first labels that started releasing on digital download platforms, we were one of the first labels to release on streaming sites, we were the first label to introduce the digifile cd format (digipack without plastic), we were one of the first labels that started releasing 24 bit wav files on USB, first label that released a “Deluxe Edition” of a compilation…
So we push the boundaries both in music ideas and the way we introduce art to our fans, that is what makes you a real artist, to be able to think out of the box every moment, every day, that is the power of Shiva – non-attachment!