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1st Day of soul cleansing

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Start to cleanse your body and aura in 25 days. It is more of developing a habit. It involves bath, meditation and diet. It is much easier than it sounds.   You cannot scale purity of your soul. But you feel better and better every day. When mind is at peace body stays in peace, visa-versa. I am starting this meditation & bath today, for next 25 days. So to keep myself at check, I thought of sharing this on blog and others can follow & share what works best for them.

Pranayam (breathing exercise)

1. Kapal bhati pranayam

Sit in Yoga pose with spine straight. Push out air from stomach through nose. Force to be felt from abdomen. Do this pranayam for ten minutes.

2. Anilom Vilum Pranayam

Sit in Yoga pose with spine straight. Use your thumb and middle finger or ring finger to close & open your nostrils. Take air with left nostril and leave from right nostril, and visa-versa. Do this Pranayam for ten minutes.


Meditation doesn’t have a definition, it is only felt by an individual. It’s better to stick one method, try for weeks and go further. I learnt this from a lady and is practicing meditation since two decades.

Let’s start:

Posture: Sit on the clean place. Knees folded and spine straight or Sidh asan.

Hand gesture (Mudra): keep Hands on knees, palm upwards, thumb and index finger touching each other or  Chin Mudra, it means gesture of consciousness. Mudra literally mean ‘seal’. It shows our intention to the mind. There are 108 Mudras in yogi tantrism, which could be either be performed with  hands or whole body.

Time: 45 minutes

Close your eyes! recommended to be sober.

Breath deep .. feel your nostril points.

Is it warm or cold .. feel the sensation in the nostrils. (It is to balance the energy of Sun and the moon, which is represented by our nostril points. Or do Anilom vilum Pranayam for 10 mins)

Say in heart,

I request universal cosmic energy to be here (3 times) 

Visualize a huge egg on your head, holes are forming and ointment is oozing out. Ointment is reaching out to each and every nerve, cell in head.

I request universal cosmic energy to purify all kinds of blockage from my body, be it spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, karmic, known & unknown. (3 times)

Visualize that your head is filled with white light of purification and then slowly take white light to down till toe. 

I request universal cosmic energy to balance and stabilize all my chakras & cells.  

Give time to let flow white light through all body parts till toes and ground all blockage to mother earth. Initially it’ll be not easy to sit. Because it takes time, patience.., to move energy through the body.

Once this meditation done regularly for a week, then automatically body craves for that energy.

Meditation pose , Representational photo.

Coffee Bath

Take Luke warm water in a bucket, add one tea spoon salt and 1/4th tea spoon of coffee powder. Mix and take bath with it. Coffee & salt has better capacity of killing bacteria and coffee itself contains around 1500 chemicals. Caffeine is the Roman goddess of energy, stamina, and determination. And it ultimately helps in clearing your aura. Whiter the aura, better the soul.

Coffee and Salt, Representation photo.


Choice of food is personal preference. But it’ll be better if you consume less meet in next twenty five days, or great if vegetarian.

If you are also thinking to do it then good luck, I’ll be happy to hear you. You can also contact me in person if any help needed to start out, as my friend has a meditation center in Bangalore. I’ll update the progress here in second week. Till then peace all, Cheers all.