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Read : 2 minutes – An Alternative Culture in India.

It is a community site outlining underground culture in India. We write about uncommon & deviant music, people and places that could inspire readers in their interests of life.

Music can broadly define behavior and interests. We love music styles like – Indian Classical Music, Folk/Tribal Instrumental, Ambient, Progressive Rock, Acid, Techno and Psychedelic trance. This makes us to talk about people and places that discuss & provide organic solutions to have more colorful & enlivened present life.

If you are a Restaurant, DJ/Producer, Musician, Event planner, Painter, Accessory & cloth designer, Writer, Creative designer, Language interpreter, Athlete, Dietitian, Yoga/Meditation instructor, Psychologist, or Psychiatrist you can submit your article  to share, educate others or seek solutions from people of similar interests. Our objective is to uplift pristine talents from around India and showcase them through live events. 

If you want us to add a dedicated page for your profile, service or product, kindly write us at [email protected]  

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