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Art of thoughtless mind


Zazen came from Zen. It literally mean seated meditation. The meaning and method of zazen varies from school to school. In the Japanese Rinzai school, zazen is usually associated with the study of koans. A koan is a riddle or puzzle that Zen Buddhists use during meditation to help them unravel greater truths about the world and about themselves. On other hand, Soto School of Japan rarely incorporates koans into zazen, preferring an approach where the mind has no object at all, known as shikantaza.Shikantaza is form of meditation. In which individual does not involve any materialistic focus for meditation. It requires one to be in present, without any thought of past or future. Just observe what is passing through your mind and around it. It is also called as no-mind state. This is the art of zazen.

Our mind is a very tricky thing, it cannot be controlled. It can only be diverted. When mind is in present i.e. without any past or future thoughts, this very moment becomes our meditation. When our mind is not thinking anything, or no-mind state, and we able to breathe in & out without keeping any thoughts in mind, then miracle happens.
In no-mind state, we are potentially connected to the cosmic energy.
Generally, it is difficult for us to not-think anything because we are so much affected by our desires and responsibilities that our mind is always in thoughts about- tomorrow day, money, people, world. But as we being social animal, these are our basic need to survive in this world. Food and shelter as being most basic need for any developed species, human as so far we know, to make communicable community which can perceive knowledge and can transfer to their next generation. As a result, today we have knowledge about our history, other species, human mind, mechanism of nature & science that we have invented very superior technology to make our lives more easy and comfortable.

Love and anger are spinning this world. With anger- we had wars, we drew lines of metal, we divided people with mental boundaries and created world with ego & greed. With love- we have music, we have art, we have creation, we witnessed Buddha, Jesus, Guru nanak, Mahadev and created world with scriptures, religions, knowledge.

Yesterday becomes history, unload all bundles of yesterday’s thoughts, desires or ambitions. You cannot do anything about which is already done, in this time. Do things which are in present and very possibly can shape our future.

So chill, go with the flow. This is understanding of Zen.

In initial stage, we can dance, do body workout or focus on breathing to clear our thoughtful mind. Go in with the breath and come out with the breath. Take breath down till stomach, where lies our navel chakra. Our mind is free from any kind of identity of past and future. Don’t even focus on requesting energy i.e. for healing, chakra energizing, or for enlightenment. Only key is to stay calm & patient. Everything comes with time. Trust yourself and be happy.

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