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Audiogramme at Adapt Studio [Interview]

With the constantly rising number of music festivals each year, we keep seeing a global growth in the music industry. The ever-growing popularity of Electronic Dance Music in India has paved the way for a fleet of people to explore more of electronic music and seriously consider music production or Dj-ing as a viable career option. 

On a bright afternoon, I make my way into one of the most successful academies for electronic music production, situated in Hauz Khas in our country’s capital, New Delhi. 


As I enter ADAPT, I am greeted with the calming scent of lemongrass wafting through the air in the small but cosy office area and a big warm smile on the face of Vikrant Rathore aka Audiogramme the main man behind conceptualising ADAPT Music Academy.

One look at the academy has me convinced all that I have heard about this place isn’t enough. Yes, like most successful academies, ADAPT has the faculty, the equipment and the like to help  kickstart anybody’s musical career, However the warmth and the support an individual beginning their career into such a daunting vertical needs is exactly what you will get here and once you read the interview we did with Vikrant himself, you will surely agree.

ADAPT Music Studio

1) Let’s start with something basic, why don’t you tell us something about yourself, about AMA..When and how did you decide that you wanted to venture into the world of teaching and start up your own music academy?

Sharvani, Psyfamily IN

“Well, most of you know me as Audiogramme or Vikrant Rathore, even if you don’t it’s ok, I just make some boring music (I’m sure it’s boring to many) and I try to be a DJ most of the time, playing
music that half of the people don’t understand … I am delusional. (been trying since over 20 years now) but I somehow manage to make people dance too… Let’s say I enjoy that the most, that’s all I know about myself at this point apart from the fact that I hate mutter paneer (Indian dish made with peas and cottage cheese) and I absolutely love the colour orange.

AMA or Adapt music academy (Advance Dj & Audio Production Training) is my dream project and I am thankful to God it’s taken off. We teach music production, various aspects of sound and audio production, Dj-ing and more stuff related to music and producing music. We will complete 3 years next year and I’m proud and thankful to God and to our students for believing in us and for what we have achieved collectively, our students are making music and performing and we can see them grow. it’s the most fulfilling emotion.”

As we spoke more about his dream project, the excitement he has held to share the knowledge he has gained over the last 22 years could be felt in the way he spoke.

audiogramme at adapt academy interview psyfamily in
Audiogramme at ADAPT, New Delhi

2) A lot of your students are what we consider the new generation. would you say, the new generation is as or more promising than the previous generation? Also, why should they choose AMA to start their musical journey? Do you have any tips for aspiring artists in India?

Sharvani, Psyfamily IN

“I have had students from all age groups, from 17 to 55 to be honest. But yes more of them belong to the new generation as you just called them (I feel old already answering this question) are definitely more promising because they have access to better gear and better education and better technology. Things have become a little easier than how it was 20 or 30 years ago. As for why they should choose ADAPT, well they will learn a lot That’s all I can say.

My only tip is – be focused, patient, and never stop learning. It’s a process, and don’t get into music to make money, become so you can be happy and makes others happy too. The money will follow eventually if you are any good and show some patience.”

Work balance

“It just happens, even I don’t know. Maybe because I love what I do and that drives me every day. I don’t feel tired when it comes to my work, Actually I wouldn’t really call it ‘work’ or ‘job’, its actually more like who I am and what I do, I do it cause I love it not cause I have to, well sometimes I have to, got to pay the bills after all. Hehe”

3) You’ve got three projects that you consistently work on. How would you define the music sense behind each of these projects? why do artists feel the need to pull out separate projects in today’s music scenario? 

Sharvani, Psyfamily IN

Yes, three projects. The newest one is called Syncsystm and it’s all about techno, deep and underground sounds. Working on it to release some music very soon, my other projects are Audiogramme (Profound records), which is more towards morning, full-on and driving psychedelic and the other project Vial (woo-dog records) is focused on night time sounds, groovy forest, twilight and that kind of stuff. I think It’s totally alright to have more than one project, till the time you are doing justice to the music you represent. Plus, it opens more doors for you, more bookings can happen if you do it right.”

4) Do you think being a Psytrance producer, you are at a disadvantage? Do you agree, that Psytrance DJs/ artists get paid much lesser compared to artists established in other genres?

Sharvani, Psyfamily IN

“Well…I represent something that has just started receiving recognition in terms of its reach and audience and its heading mainstream, mainly it’s non-commercial, but yes I guess a Bollywood DJ or a techno giant will get paid more (for now), which is cool..I personally never got into this for money, but I am glad money came in later. It’s enough to survive and be happy. Everyone has their own calling. So all is fair.”

adapt acedemy

Looking around the studio, the gear looks daunting but Vikrant offers to show some of his skills on the cool equipment he has laid out for the purpose of music production, and he makes it seem fairly smooth and effortless. Wisdom of over 20 years in the industry has got him a chance to play in international festivals multiple times and he regularly gets invited to perform his Live/DJ sets in major cities across India. Over the years Vikrant has proved his passion for the music he makes, with his expertise and guidance in Psytrance music production he has already helped shape the careers of many upcoming Producers in the industry.

5) If someone wants to flourish as a Psytrance artist today what three tips do you have for the youth to have a successful future in Psytrance?

Sharvani, Psyfamily IN

“Tip 1 – start producing
Tip 2 – make more music
Tip 3 – don’t crib later why you chose psytrance as your genre, its cause you love keep doing it.”

6) Lastly, have you got any upcoming releases or collaborations to get us excited over?

Sharvani, Psyfamily IN

“Yes, few releases lined up, and some collaborations, doing some music with Neuromotor, Starlab, Spinal fusion, Fungus funk, and more friends from across the globe.

adapt studio delhi
Adapt academy, crew and students.

And so Vikrant decides to leave us with a cliff hanger mentioning some exciting music that’s coming up but keeping the dates of the releases under wraps.

Adapt Music Academy on Facebook.

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vedica shivsagar
vedica shivsagar
8 months ago

i have been to adapt academy.and must say its one of its kind.has great faculty humble and kind.make you feel more like family.

20 days ago

Great, thank you vedica.