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Basilcorn masala toast

basil corn masala toast psyfamily

Toasts are quick pick when you hungry off-time! Be it breakfast, supper or late night byte, it’s simple. Today evening while making my playlist, I little felt hungry and so made- Baby corn masala toast!
1. Take frying pan, heat 2 tbsp. cooking oil.
2. Add onions
3. Slice baby corn, boiled potatoes, and bell peppers.
4. Salt
5. Add sweet corns and chopped tomato
6. Basil leaf
7. Tomato ketchup 3 tbsp.

basil corn masala toast
Topping mixture (Before adding soya sauce)

8. Soya sauce 2 tbsp.
9. Add little warm water, if required.
10. Season nicely with salt, crushed black pepper, chilli flakes. Cook on slow flame till semi-liquid consistency.
11. Slice garlic bread and place on pan (You can use toaster)
12. Take slice of garlic bread and top with prepared mixture.
13. Grate cheese
14. Serve hot.

It is amazing and yes I prefer it with my black tea. Playlist is getting spicy too.

basil corn masala toast psyfamily
Basil corn masala toast