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Bigger Banger by Mad tribe and Raja ram

Bigger Banger is the name of the EP by Mad tribe and Raja ram releasing on TIP records. Previews are sounding amazing and it’s definitely a banger. You can hear the preview and find the pre-order link here. It’s available in digital and vinyl formate. Vinyl is what makes it more attractive and need to have it in your room.

If you have heard the above preview, I don’t have to emphasis on how good is the music? Also available on Soundcloud in high quality.

Mad tribe is a duo project of Space tribe and Mad Max. Space tribe is pioneer in the scene with more than two decades in the music industry. Mad max has been making music since ninty eight and has earned a name for himself in the psytrance culture worldwide. And Raja ram is legendary in the psychedelic scene around the globe and master in his craft.

Bigger Bang – Mad tribe & Raja ram

It’s a track on A-side of the vinyl. Very powerful sounds and insane guitar licks by Jon Klein. He is an English guitarist from the United Kingdom and was member of Siouxsie and the Banshees rock band.

Jon Klein. (Image src: The Rebel Magazine)

Instant Enlightenment – Mad tribe & Raja ram

This track is on the B-side of the vinyl. Featuring Michelle Adamson. She is an English singer from London and has many collaborations on Shpongle project.

Michelle Adamson

Vinyl and Artwork

It’s a 12-inch holographic picture vinyl. As said before, this EP is more than just music. The artwork is by Miki Wisdom and Brahma Templeman.

12-inch Picture Vinyl

Buy Digital on Beatport

Buy Vinyl on Diggersfactory (Limited Copies)

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