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BLR: This Sunday, Pebble going to be Pinkvax 10th December Tick your calendar


Temperature is getting little cooler in town, especially after last splash of rain. Coziness and laziness at peak! But this won’t get you an excuse, it’s Mr. Pink a.k.a Jovis back in Pebble but this time along with Shivax (Israel).

(Pink + Shivax = Pinkvax) No they are not making a live act name together, Word, it just poped in my head, never mind.

‘Brief History Of Goa’ is hosted by Dream N Dance, and tickets on Madvibe, is going to stomping gathering. Shivax is one talented musician from Israel and he released his Electronic Podcast three months ago on Krembo Digital, the same label in which Shibass and DJ Zoo-b act as the main heads. Shivax’s music is very energetic in Full on style. Listening to his track now, check in SC player below:

Tracks are melodic and acid in nature.. history of Goa.., is what you can expect on the dance floor. Meanwhile, here is promo video from DND’s:

Posted by Project DND-Dream N Dance on Mittwoch, 29. November 2017


Above video didn’t showed Mr. Pink, moving, here is his video from Ozora festival 2013. In case you are unfamiliar with the man, Jovis is an American didgeridoo player, DJ and performs paint dance arts. He first came to Goa in 1993, met fellow Americans that had same vision to take psychedelic trance & culture to US. After time, they met in San Francisco, rented a warehouse and thus the Consortium of Collective Consciousness was born. He has experienced many dance floor around the world in some prestige festivals, namely Burning man, Boom, Ozora, Modem. At the same time, he is fortunate to have AJJA as his mentor when it come to music, they spent good time together at Ajja’s place in Switzerland making psytrance mixes and learning from him.

Good enough, right! Hyderabad is on 9th followed by Bangalore on 10th December at Pebble. Gates will be open at 4 PM and party last till 1 AM. Tickets are priced at Rs 800/- You get them (here). Present yourself early as it’s a long history to be express!