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Like father Like son, Marley’s are as high as smoke

We'are all well aware of the Jamaican legend, Bob Marley, and its rastafarian songs. More than just music, he represented culture in Jamaica and other parts of the world. Songs like 'buffalo soldier', 'three little birds', 'No women no cry', 'redemption', 'one love', or 'everything gonna be alright' had allured

Stains, Taboos and Luxuries.

Its 2018 in India and last year we said goodbye to a beautiful 12-year old girl from Tamil Nadu, India who killed herself after being humiliated by her teacher for having a period stain on her uniform. A powerful man exists because a brave woman exists. Men are slowly learning to

Chaos – An Entity

Chaos, in Greek mythology, refers to the beginning of all things, it means a vast void, emptiness, abyss or infinite darkness. It also meant the birth of deities Chaos, Gaea, Tartarus and Eros. Chaos or Khaos is also viewed as the lower atmosphere surrounding earth in certain sources. 503