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Like father Like son, Marley’s are as high as smoke

We'are all well aware of the Jamaican legend, Bob Marley, and its rastafarian songs. More than just music, he represented culture in Jamaica and other parts of the world. Songs like 'buffalo soldier', 'three little birds', 'No women no cry', 'redemption', 'one love', or 'everything gonna be alright' had allured

CHART: FOREST releases in January

Forest is one my favorite style of psychedelic trance. And recently many amazing productions has been released on bandcamp, soundcloud, parvati records, Ovni records, and many more to name. Here is list of ten amazing forest music released in December 2017 and January 2018. (This mushroom picture is painted by Sarah Jane,

Explore Psychedelic slack of Trap style

Trap music is originally came up as Hip-hop trap in early 1990s, it defined by it's double or triple layered bass and hi hat arrangement. In modern era, where styles of genres are expanding as producers are more experimenting with their music. Gravitas Recordings presents their 17 track release by

The Beast in Music – The Devil’s Tritone


Music is one of the encouraged ways of expressing emotions and has been followed by millions not only human but also other animals that alternate the frequency and pitch of their voices as a method of communication. Music can sound cheerful, distraught, cautious but today we’re focusing on a specific