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Chapati sandwich (quick & easy)

You have some chapatis left or you dont want simple chapatis. Give this dish a try, a easy supper. Make it a healthy byte with veggies or go over chicken and cheesy layers. 

We wanted to eat something else but mummy said not to waste chapatis already made, so i used in a way..


Slice 1 big onion,

Slice 1 tomato, cucumber.

For paste-I used pudina chatney (mint). You also can use tomato ketchup or any other chutney or sauce. Spread cheese also works well.


*Take 1st chapati- Apply pudina chutney or sauce of your choice, place sliced onion, cucumber, tomato.

*Grate carrot and cheese on top. Season it(very mildly).

*Repeat same with 4 chapatis.

*Before putting last chapati, season it with oregano, chilli flakes, pinch of salt, crush blackpepperr and you can always go for extra cheese.

*Heat pan, add 1 tspn butter.

*Gently place it on pan, sprinkle little refined oil over and around. Cover with lid or plate to trap heat. Cook on slow flame for 5 minutes.

*Flip side using plate.

*Cover again with plate or lid. Slow flame for 3 minutes.

*Remove from pan to board.

*Cut with a sharp knife into four pieces.

*Serve hot.

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