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Choose your words wisely when you see a yogi!

They say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Reason to write this post is, I came across a post on FB group about 140 year Yogi whose skull coming through flesh (not healthy physical appearance) and there were so many negative comments about his body appearance, I want to give my opinion by reasoning why he is like that?

First, look photo of Yogi whose photo got comments.

Now look at a few comments that I liked or hated.

Lol 140. Spends half his life eating air and lives till 140.

Bullshit..that’s a corpse

Give the man some carbs and protein!

 That right there tells me that what ever he believes in I don’t want no part of his belief system…Live and love wile your here on earth it’s a gift from God you can be one with the universe after you cross over (die) our life comes with a purpose and destiny. If we are self observed how can we help another along the path of life ?…

 Did you know Air is the most deadly susbstNce on Earth! Every living thing that inhaled it dies!

lightarian…I heard of him a decade or so ago

 the only way u become a yogi is to be dead

consumes a nectar excreted from the roof of the mouth. Body begins to realize, that someone is realizing that it doesn’t need water or food. Body starts burning itself while extracting energy from the vacuum. 🙏😊

There are people who live to ages we can barely imagine in tons of places untouched by western society all over the earth. Though. admittedly. they usually look healthy. This guy? err nope. If I’m going to be 14o years old, I’d better be robust… or what’s the use?

Dude looks like he needs a Burger 🍔 a bucket of KFC and a shit load of protein shakes.. 👌

This is not the path to salvation….never…..To attain spiritual awakening you have to learn the laws of nature ..laws of Universe…giving pain and discomfort to a body is totally ignorance…non awareness of truth…Tour Body is not only yours …its the gift of Almighty which you have to return back so take good care …love fiercely…Laugh loudly and live your life fully …

 It’s quite possible once you lose the western mind set and become one with the god in you!

Okay! enough.

He is dead and born every day! When the consciousness of human being goes beyond the five elements (Air, earth, water, fire, aether ) body becomes independent; it doesn’t need water, food or oxygen to survive. Body starts to receive its food and oxygen directly from the cosmos. These are the stages of Samadhi.

Can you Imagine yourself in a well for 40 days with a clay pot of drinking water? This is a ritual in Yog and Aghori discipline, anyways.

Back to our topic Yogi ji, What he would attain by living like a skull?

As I said in an earlier article, Directing mind into meditation, Everyone has their purpose of existence, some find it sooner or later. Our energies, our souls are moving towards the singularity. A soul needs a body to attain that level of energy. Body is just a medium to transit from one dimension into another. Understanding that the body is temporary and will become ashes (Ash signify permanence, end and reminds one that this body will cluminate, that is the reason Aghori rub ash on their body and Lord Shiva (as Aghori) is seen smeared into ashes).

When someone is at that extreme level, do you think he would worry about his body? His only goal is to move forward, beyond time and space. To reach Jump off point where the body is either left or enlightened. These jump off points would have come many times in these all years of discipline. But The moment arrives when the universe says.

This is his choice to stay in deep meditation and fasting for days. Fasting teaches discipline and helps to gain mental and metabolic control of the body. Hunger and pain can break all human beings and animals. But those with strong thoughts and awareness does the wonders!

One can also become connected to god or enlightened, being in society. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji (first Guru of Sikh religion) lived and displayed that marriage and family life doesn’t stop you being enlightened. Also Lord Shiva married to goddess Parvati and spend homely life (as Shankara).