Demoniac Insomniac from Active Meditation Music [INTERVIEW]

Q: It’s been 10 years since Active meditation Music label first appeared in 2008. As a #10yearChallenge, whats that one big shift? Like in challenge photos comparing a big change. How would you explain that in words?


Actually, it is 11 years now!
Keeping an underground label is a challenge every day, we are away from the commercial scene, at least in our approach to writing music.
Active Meditation Music has become a base for discovering new ideas and talented musicians, some of the artists go away from the label, doing their own story or become commercial, for me it is very hard to pass cheesy music in my record label even today…
Active Meditation Music is always pushing forward with ideas! We were one of the first labels that started releasing on digital download platforms, we were one of the first labels to release on streaming sites, we were the first label to introduce the digifile cd format (digipack without plastic), we were one of the first labels that started releasing 24 bit wav files on USB, first label that released a “Deluxe Edition” of a compilation…
So we push the boundaries both in music ideas and the way we introduce art to our fans, that is what makes you a real artist, to be able to think out of the box every moment, every day, that is the power of Shiva – non-attachment!

Demoniac Insomniac playing set in 2017

Q: As on AMA’s bandcamp page, there are merchandise and music to buy. What came first tees or music from your hands, and when? Looking at logo, there is Nataraja. What was the grassroot thought to bring up the label?


We started releasing on digital platforms, then we started making CDs, USB, and now I am trying to make a clothing brand together with my record label, music is hard to sell these days, and you have to find alternatives for making money, but you must not go into the commercial realm. I have been working many things: making dreadlocks, making cover designs, websites, creating jewellery, many things in order to keep my dream about having a psytrance project and a record label…
I became a Shiva bhakta since I was a child in elementary school, I always had this spiritual connection with God, so I choose Shiva because he is the cool Shanti god and the god of dance! I love dancing, I still dance on parties regularly to check on my favourite artists, also I am one of the very few artists that dance his ass off together with the audience in the dancefloor every time I perform!
Active Meditation Music actually came as an idea to have a record label for supporting Goa Gil and his mission… We used to be very close and I was like a son to him for 10+ years… We worked together as a team. Unfortunately I don’t feel that his intentions are as pure as they used to be, especially in the last few years when I started growing as a person and as an artist, maybe I was blind, anyway, it is all in the past now and we separate and doing our own thing we believe in. Keep the dance going no matter what!

Active Meditation Music Tshirt

Q: India you visit frequent, last November 2018 and this year again, you said 2019 tour is confirmed. That’s good! Ok, Let’s not talking about gigs. When you are not gigging and say you have a week time just to chill, where will you stay in India? A rapid-fire round about India, I’ll give you a few words:-


I have many friends in India, usually I like spending time with them, I also like to visit temples art and spirituality is what keeps me going thru all these times, I also like spending time with my babas and learn from them!

Masala Dosa or Paneer butter masala for lunch? 

I try to avoid spicy food these days, I eat mostly sattvic food, I cannot handle the chilly stuff so much anymore, even in the Bhagavad Gita it writes that we should avoid Rajas & Tamas food, so it is really strange for me to eat this food! So, I like both Masala Dosa & Paneer Masala if is not chilly! hahaha


Yeah driving… Let’s say I dislike cars a lot! It’s just this bad smelly machine polluting the environment and causing so much destruction and war for petrol around the world, so I dislike them a lot, and I don’t own a car or a bike myself. I believe in renewable and free energy! Cannot wait for the new age in which all these petrol and machines using it will be banned and replaced with the new technology! The Tesla car is just like my dream, I am constantly researching about renewable energy and a healthy way of living, so I cannot wait for this electric cars to be cheaper so I can buy one and drive without feeling bad about the environment!

“2 minutes bro”

Hahaha! Well, you have to be patient in India, if that doesn’t work, you have to find a way to push people…

Milk tea or black tea? 

I do not like caffeine at all, I used to drink a lot of chai but I don’t feel its good for my health anymore, both chilly and caffeine is Rajas, so it makes me very anti Shanti and disturbed all the time, I drink green tea sometimes, it’s calmer and have better taste and its better for the health!

Q: Few artists claim themselves as Sadhus – Does that saffron cloth helps the artist to be more respected? Or it has just become saffron apparel?


We now live in the Kali Yuga, the time of illusion and corruption, so it is very hard to find proper spiritual people, both in the scene and away from it. I do not know many artists that are even real Yogis, Sadhus I don’t think there are any Sadhus in the scene, at least not that I am aware off, I don’t care about clothes so much, I like to be comfortable, wearing lungi was very fun for me and liberating hahaha! It is a symbol in India for being a Yogi, being a person that is spiritual, a lovely person that spreads the love! So it helps me send a message to the people around me to tell that I am a spiritual person without making a conversation about it, also wearing rudraksha mala or rudraksha bead, or wearing Jata is a symbol for the people around you to recognise from where you are coming from, everything in India is a symbol of a status, some people are abusing it, but what you gonna do with that, it is all a game, you are responsible to make a distinction between what is real and what is fake in this world! Otherwise, life would be boring no? And we all know real naga babas go full naked only wearing ashes!

Hope you liked reading about him. Recently Active meditation music released an EP, Chronsphere by Froog. Check the below Bandcamp player to listen or buy here

And here is the lastest recorded set by Demoniac Insomniac on Mixcloud, consisting of a few hand-picked tracks released on his label.

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