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Directing mind into Meditation

Directing mind, it means to flow with the thoughts rather than resisting them and we will also forge a habit for meditation. Initial days of meditation, we don’t feel comfortable to practice meditation and thus we make excuses. I made lot of excuses like – can’t keep my spine straight it is paining, legs become numb, can’t stop mind to think, after few days nothing is changing in me, I want to try other technique, I lose attention and sleep during meditation, I want to do meditation daily and feel healthy but it is not happening I don’t know why?, etc. I found that more we think of doing anything, the more we get tangle. So just perform it, to start out neither it require any preparation nor a master. Before talking further, do this simple exercise.

Just breathe In and Breathe Out.

  1. Close eyes.
  2. Take breath and slowly release. (Do this it at for three minute), while focusing on your nostril points.
  3. Feel the whole path of air that is going in and out. Feel if it’s cold or warm. Feel the sensation. Feel both the nostrils.
  4. Rub your palms and massage on your face.
  5. Open your eyes and continue reading.

Study says, average human mind create 30,000 thoughts in a day. Thought comes from our conscious like a flow of water and it tend to flow. We’re helpless in it, because our mind doesn’t need control; it only need direction. How many thoughts did you had during this exercise? Definitely very few because you were in a meditative state of mind. Free from the worries and thinking. And that’s what most people seek, thoughtless state, during meditation. So we can say that meditation is a state of happiness unaffected by any emotional attachment?

  • Meaning and practice of meditation is different to different people.
  • If it gives you happiness, even three minute of still and calm state is meditation for you.
  • No one can force you to meditate. You are your own master.
  • It doesn’t matter even if you felt asleep during meditation.

Before sitting for meditation

It is not easy to makeup our mind to sit and meditate. A little breathing, pranayam, or physical exercise is always helpful before doing meditation. Because it break our mindful play of thoughts. There are some ways to clear your mind before start to meditate –

  • Take a walk, observe nature,
  • Do physical workout or make love (Endorphin released in mind cause us to feel happy),
  • Dance the way you want.
  • Breathe in breathe out.
  • Drink a glass of room temperature water,
  • Prefer same time frame and same place to meditate everyday. Recommended after you wake up.
  • Be thankful to people who surround you.
  • Complete your task, it gives you the sense of accomplishment and confidence.
  • Keep away electronic gadgets that notify you frequently.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and any psychoactive plant or chemical 
  • You can listen to light atmospheric ambient music.
  • Prefer quiet and dark room. You can light a candle or a clay lamp. It feels very good, like that one supreme white light is in front of you and youre are connecting to this white light.
  • Avoid any use of perfumes or room fresheners. Instead, you can keep fresh flowers or plants in the room.
  • Wear comfy clothes. Even you can sit naked if that makes you more comfortable.
  • Continue practicing one type of meditation for couple of week before moving to another method.

    Our mind and thoughts

Our mind during meditation

What did you felt while doing the above exercise? What was your mind doing? When I did the exercise, feeling my breath passing through nostril points to the lungs, heart chakra or Anahat. And slowly it automatically start to connect with crown chakra or Shahasar (Drop your experience in comment below). If you have noticed, even focusing on your breath or nostril point, you lose attention after few breathes. And it feels boring to watch your breath going up and down. Sitting and doing NOTHING! That’s because it is close to Samadhi or final meditation state. And our thoughts and energy is not yet so clear and active because we are very materialistic and emotionally attached.  Before this state, one has to be balanced. It means energy should be flowing in Sushumna nadiwhich is the middle energy channel of our body, and other two are Ida nadi (left energy channel) & Pingla nadi (right energy channel). To let quality flow of energy in our body, our left and right energy channels has to be balanced. When you were doing the above exercise you focused on your nostril points, left nostril, Ida nadi, represent Moon and right nostril, Pingla nadi, represent Sun. That’s a reason spiritual teachers and masters put you in practice of breathing. There are methods of practicing different meditations, which made a broad literature on practice of meditation and Yoga. But we confuse ourselves with various methods and subjects of meditation, rather than keeping one practice. You will find few people practicing yog vidhya, study and practice of Yoga, and other vidhyas since decades. Because there is no shortcut. But even thinking about shortcut, you should know where to go? As I said earlier, practice of meditation is different for different people or purpose.

Three energy channel in our body

If your a working professional, have a family to take care, a home maker or a student, definitely you won’t want to spend your young days doing hours of Dhyan, meditation, at isolated place or perform absurd fasting or attaining Sidhi, a kind of eligibility to accomplish some super conscious task. Rather, you would want your life to be fulfilled with joyous health, be with people you love, live and eat at the place of your choice. To live that enliven life, your Kundalani shakti should be performing well and gradually your decisions & actions will be more effective than they are right now.

Meditation helps to be creative in our daily routine. It helps mind to not think too much, you live more presently, and thus saving your energy to do task in a better way. Meditation is knowing our body and soul, to be precise – Our energy, it takes time for our body to come at certain energy level. And you as the master of your body have all that time of yours.

There are 114 chakras, out of which, 112 are in our physical body. Other two are not in this physical body, one of which is right on our head – called Crown chakra or Shahasar.  These 112 chakras are spread across our body, out of which 6 chakras are trendy or known for practicing – they are Root (Muladhar), Sacral (Svadhishthan), Solar plexus (Manipur), Heart (Anahat), Throat (Vishudh) and Third eye (Ajna). Other chakras are located at feet, knee, hands, eyes, nose, tongue, joints, shoulder and at many other parts.

Seven Chakra

I am not going to talk about these chakras. But one thing I want to outline is – Muladhar chakra. It is very important, house of kundalani, and is a life-force. If you feel uncomfortable in life or have any health problem, it is likely that your root chakra is week. You can start practicing to energize your root chakra by – focusing energy in that specific part of body, or reciteLum’, which is a bheej (seed) sound for root chakra and musically it represent ‘C’  note, or you can do Kapalbatti  pranayam, Bastrika pranayam, Bhadya pranayam (which is teen bhand or Three locks) and thus increase your body fire, increase your aura & eliminate all stomach related problems. Rest all chakra will automatically start to energize and energy will flow upward to crown chakra. Feel every cell in the body, feel they are purifying. That you are connected to the cosmos.

Musical notes of chakras

Are you still thinking what to with mind during meditation? Before further reading, Imagine you’re sucking a lemon wedge! yes.

Did you felt little citric taste?

That’s because our mind cannot differentiate between imagination and reality. That’s a catch! We can shape our mind by thoughts. If you keep on thinking that your root chakra is energizing, certainly one day you will feel it is charged. If you think that someone’s decision will favor you, evidently they will favor you. But does this happen to us frequently, no! because just a mere thought can’t create a reality. Thought should be intense, it means purity & energy of the body should be intense. In Hindu scriptures, gods & demons are said to have few super power that with their thoughts they can create a real element, which could be anything – metal, weapon, food, fire, air, life, poison, elixir, etc. These gods and demons could able to do so because of their intense energies. You can also do same if you energy is of that level.

But if you’ve noticed there is a silent contradiction – During meditation we say do not think or visualize, but at same time, I made you to eat that lemon wedge, means to think and visualize. Answer honestly, Is your thoughts are so clear that they are in present ? No! But with continue practice, it will. If we cannot stop thinking, we can use that thinking to clear and energize ourselves. This is directing of mind, rather than blocking it. Thoughts will come and pass by. Do not cling to it. Be a observer, rather than subjecting the observation. Above, I’ve mentioned few ways to do so during meditation (If you want a specific meditation steps & guide, you can comment or email me directly).

Meditation is just a conveyor to transit from one dimension to another. Practicing is the preparation of mind and body for the next dimension (These dimensions doesn’t exist in reality or physical plain, just like ida, sushumna and pingla nadi doesn’t exist in physical form). For example in Yog, before Samadhi, one has to go through stages i.e Sadhana (purifying), Asan (strength), Mudra (Steadiness), Pratyahar (Calmness), Pranayam (breathing), Dhyan (meditation) and then Samadhi. 

Before signing out, Is your habit is set for meditation? Nobody can forge a habit in you unless you want it. Just do it daily for a week before any expecting any result. You will understand better once you perform it. Cheers!


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