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Don’t smoke during Covid-19

Coronavirus affects the lungs and smoking escalate it. Any smokable substance could affect the lungs and users can’t avoid it. But sharing joint, bong, vape or pipe with affected ones could put your health at risk.

First, it’s difficult to identify the affected one. There are more than 200 flu viruses and it’s difficult to track. Talking about symptoms of coronavirus, dry cough with high fever is what one should be worried about. If anyone with fever and dry cough should immediately visit the doctor.

Before widespread of coronavirus, I had a cough for two weeks. I went to the doctor and told about my cough condition. I have a cough for many years, it comes and goes. Earlier year doctor told for throat swab test and TB test, I did and fortunately it was negative.

So sharing joint, pipe or bong with your smoke circle may be a risk. Tiny water droplets could be left on the pipe or bong and you could consume when smoked. No one can stop you from smoking especially when you’re locked at home during this covid-19. But it is wise to smoke responsibly. Though chemicals in cannabis MAY stop coronavirus entering the body, infected pipe or bong won’t.

Don’t follow Puff Puff Pass…

Avoid cold food or drink. It may catch you cold or fever.

Avoid smoking bong if your throat is not well, at least for some days.

You can do breathing exercises. This will help you clear lungs and blood.

Health comes first. A healthy body & mind will enjoy the drug effectively rather than a sick one.

Hope everyone will take care of themselves and people around them. Go Corona Go away!

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