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Enkoprinja’s Distorted dimension on AMM

This EP has good jungle grooves and dance floor energy. The BPM ranges from 146 to 150. The work of bass is remarkable, giving alternate and uncommon energy in the legs. I am sure this music will be in the playlist of many DJs around the globe. All tracks are good, but my favourite track is… I’ll tell at last.

Distorted Dimension is complied by Demoniac Insomniac and released on Active Meditation Music label in Dec 2019. I felt many of track in EP is likes of Demoniac and he would play on floor someday. As a label owner, you pass music that fits your personal taste and style of label. Hard work and consistency is clearly visible in the work of Demoniac. He spoke a lot about his music career and lifestyle in the interview we had a couple of weeks back, check here.

Check out the Distorted Dimension EP here on Bandcamp:

Distorted Dimension by Enkoprinja

One can also buy a designed USB drive and Compact Disc for this EP. See buying options on the page.

My favourite is the second track called Reason for my habits. Because it is dancy and I loved to hear it. What’s your favourite?

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