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Explore Psychedelic slack of Trap style

Trap music is originally came up as Hip-hop trap in early 1990s, it defined by it’s double or triple layered bass and hi hat arrangement. In modern era, where styles of genres are expanding as producers are more experimenting with their music. Gravitas Recordings presents their 17 track release by various artists, called- Infinity Mirrors – A Compilation Curated by ZEE..,

“The goal of the compilation is to feature a lineup of music that explores secular definitions of psychedelic art through the lens of dirty, 808-driven bass music. Through this eclectic lineup of electronic musicians, challenged with the task of pushing musical boundaries towards the furthest edges of psychoactive sound design and hallucinatory compositional pathways, ZEE seeks to expand the definition of what trippy bass music could be.” 

Release date: 14th Nov 2017 on Gravitas Recordings

 Or, You can all download (here)

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