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Exposure to Psytrance DJs in India


Do new artists get enough opportunities to showcase their work? Or, you don’t want to play another genre? It has been a moot. In this article I also talked to Chromaderma to share his opinion on the subject.

First, talking about the Psytrance DJ’s exposure – How many public Psytrance parties do you see happening in your city? Weekly two or three, in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad. Now think of others just like you, looking for the same opportunity. In this electronic era, one out of three is a DJ. And everyone has the similar technology access as you have. Where do you find yourself?

Representational picture, psytrance party in Goa.

If some new DJ approach for a set, club managers will often ask – How much crowd can you pull? And it’s normal because club also has to make minimum sale. For every artist, it is cherry on top to have an enliven fans.

Not many clubs would be interested to host Psytrance party, exceptions are there, it hits their sale meter and force them take extra care of the place.

Let’s see what Rohit a.ka. Chromaderma said on exposure to aspiring Psytrance DJs in India.

“My only opinion to them would be have patience in whatever you do with music, weather it is djing or producing music or playing an instrument. Focus on your practice and dedicate your time every day to it to see the results. There is a lot of information available online regarding everything, make use of it in the right way and no matter what others says just believe in what you do and success will follow”.

Yes I agree to it and innate work will shine sooner or later.


Genre problem?

It is not a genre problem, in fact it is your point of view. Let apply some butter, it is very good to stick your style of music. Your style is your identity. But once put yourself in general crowd’s shoe and think, what DJ is? People want to tap foot and dance when DJ plays. Everybody doesn’t like to listen psychedelic, but am sure if the same music is played in brilliant arrangement – Everyone would like.

An average adult dancing or running would have heart beat rate of around 120 to 128. This is for everyone, I assume. This 128 BPM can be consider as golden number because it triggers your heart to pump more blood into brain and vessels. This is the reason we call – house music. Tech-house and house music is played around 128 BPM. Simply, it is easy to perceive for average human being. Everyone started to move towards floor, bar tender starts making cocktails and beautiful girls grooving at the front row.

I mean experimenting with music – for an innate DJ, BPM is just a number.

And Chromaderma’s opinion on this, “Indian music scene has changed a lot in the last 15 years ago compared to when I started in 2001. People now are more open to western electronic music and are experimenting a lot so keep your mind open, invite fellow artists, sit with them, and talk about music, its history and its progression. Share ideas, learn from each other and most importantly don’t rely on others belief, explore, listen and learn and find your way to understand your direction and to experience”.


Thank you so much Rohit for sharing your opinion, as you said ‘talk about music’. This will definitely motivate and inspire readers in their walks of life. People, you can follow him on this Facebook page

You can gather your friends and make a scene. This reminds of – #Openstage A gathering (inspired by underground music, not necessarily psychedelic trance) where aspiring artists can showcase their talent and established artist show their support for them. I know it is like throwing chilled mojito in hot summer, when it comes to artist fee. But imagine, if artists put up their part and muster people for the gathering. Basic arrangements can be made by guest sales, only if more enliven people muster for the gathering. We did one small party in Hyderabad, as #Openstage, where four pristine Djs played. Now as am moved to Bangalore, am looking for similar minds to put a #Openstage gig here.

You can find more info and register here by clicking this link,

This might spark a little criticism in your mind and hope you like this article. We welcome you to jot your opinion in comments below.  Thank you for reading.



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