Goa Gil Digital Darshan Two on 4th July

In the times of Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is coronaraving a.k.a virtual raving. So as the Goa Gil, but it’s not a regular set. Those who attended Goa Gil’s set will know that he does a long ritual set. With a lot of set up on his table.

Goa Gil and his DJ booth (Photo: From Goa Gil Facebook)

This includes photos and statues of god & goddess, decorations, pooja samargi and his record cassettes with dj console of course. Basically he perform pooja (prayer ritual as per hinduism) half an hour before his set. He reaches an hour before on booth and do all his arrangement before set. And his sets are usually long six hour, eight hour, twelve hours because it’s a musical journey making it a dance ritual.

Have you attended Goa Gil's party, how was it?x

In the first Digital Darshan, which happened some days back, he played more than 24 hours. You can check on his twitch page.

Digital Darshan 2 is being held on 4th July 2020. There is another occasion that day, it’s Guru Purnima. This day is marked for the birth of Ved Vyas. Guru Purnima or Vyas Purnima is on 5th July.

Maharishi Ved Vyas is an enlightened human and teacher. He is master of Ved, Upanishad and Puran. Ved Vyas taught his students with no monetary expectation, based on his Karam Yog.

Maharishi Ved Vyas passing wisdom & knowledge to Lord Ganesha

There is a spiritual tradition in Hinduism to worship Maharishi Ved Vyas on this day. Guru (teacher) is equivalent to God as per Indian culture. Guru Purnima has a lot of spiritual significance.

In a way, Goa Gil is sharing his wisdom and knowledge through his craft i.e. Music. This would be a special ritual by him. Link for Goa Gil Digital Darshan 2 is – Here

Timing for Digital Darshan 2 is as follows:

  • July 4th 18:00 USA (PST)
  • July 4th 20:00 Mexico
  • July 4th 21:00 Chile
  • July 4th 22:00 Argentina/Brazil (BRT)
  • July 5th 01:00 UTC
  • July 5th 02:00 UK/Portugal
  • July 5th 03:00 Germany/France/Spain
  • July 5th 06:30 India
  • July 5th 10:00 Japan
  • July 5th 11:00 Australia (AEST)

If anyone wants to make a Dakshina (donation) to Goa Gil Digital Darshan they can make here.

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