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Is Goa music old-fangled? Not for this Goa Band [INTERVIEW]


It is difficult to digest that Goa music is archaic. It has its elements in most modern music. But not many playing it classically, exceptions are always there. One is a collaboration of German-based drummer and DJ. They grew in 90’s scene and their music is a good example. They are also called – Goa Band.

No, they are not based in Goa state. They produce goa music and play live using hardware only, like Roland TB-303, synllab, the didgeridoo is played by Drazil and 12 V Roland drum set by Livegeheimgast. These talents collaborated and formed a band project called- Lebendige Menschen. They are based in Leipzig, Germany! They play Live on hardware only, that’s a talent, and means there is no DAW (Digital audio workstation) screen display to give graphical layout of what’s being played. Let’s see What more they said-


LM: Music has always played a very important role in our lives. Lars has been playing drums for 27 years and Marco has always been a DJ. In the end of the 90’s, he bought his first Groove box. Since then, more and more analog machines have been added. We’ve been Friends for 20 years and we’ve always been making music together. In 2007, we joined forces with friends and founded DRUMINC, electronic world music with percussion and Didgeridoo. Since 2011, we are called LEBENDIGE MENSCHEN and play exclusively
Psytrance. This is what we love.

Lebendige Menschen


LM: We grew up in the 90’s and this music has shaped us. 96/97, we were so fascinated by the first Psytrance parties (here called Goa parties) and the music, the people, the decoration, the feeling, and the spirit. We love that, we live. We want to keep this feeling with our music and transport it further. Of course, we also go with new technologies and develop ourselves and our sound always further but always with the roots in the 90’s.

Lebendige Menschen LIVE

Handmade Psytrance – Live Only Hardware with Drums & Didgeridoo !!!

Gepostet von Lebendige Menschen ॐ am Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2017


LM: This is difficult since most young producers are only using software since we do not know each other. The machine music you just have to love and live and a bit crazy to put all the equipment with you Stage to drag.


LM: Thank you for your interest in our project. We do it because we have fun and we are always happy when we can inspire other people. This is the greatest thing for us. We hope we can welcome you at a gig of us. Keep the Spirit!

Peaceful greetings
Marco & Lars
Thank so much Marco and Lars for your time. It was great talking to you and wish you guys all the best. And yes someday, definitely I would love to see you both playing”.

You can follow their Facebook page for music and updates.

Thank you for reading, Namaste!

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