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Gypsy Amazon is a sustainable yoga wear brand

Gypsy Amazon is a sustainable yoga wear brand in Thailand. It’s specialized in premium leggings for women and men. They turn one kilo of plastic waste into a pair of beautiful leggings. All the garments produced from oceanic plastic waste are quick-drying fabric, UVA & UVB protected and have antibacterial properties.

UVA and UVB are types of Ultraviolet rays that reach the earth’s surface. UVB is responsible for sunburns and UVA are intense which penetrates into the skin. You can read more about rays here.

gypsyamazon group photo psyfamily
Gypsy Amazon tribe (Photo: GypsyAmazon Facebook)

Gypsy Amazon is started by Tatiana Okuma in 2017 and since then it’s been evolved into a community. They’re beyond the idea of typical fashion brand, they are a free-spirited, yogis, parents and jungle dancers. Folks at Gypsy Amazon is concerned about environmental issues, health and wellness of one being.

These values truly reflect on their products. Apart from leggings, you can also find tops, sports bras and other accessories on their website –

Pink Boheme Leggings (Photo: GypsyAmazon Facebook)

In 2019, Gypsy Amazon financed the collection and sorting of two tons of oceanic plastic waste into the recycling chain. It helped the environment to get rid of the Carbon Dioxide emission by approximately 1.8 tons.

There is more to talk about Gypsy Amazon which we cannot contain in this small post, perhaps in another episode of write up. You can visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for an in-depth story and regular updates on products.

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