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High modular fever at Beatworx

It feels good when all your sounds are tangible, means you have hardware control of sound that you create or alter. That’s exactly they did in their studio, it was a modular workshop at Beatworx Studio.

Voltage play a key role in analog instruments. Everything starts with a current, the amount of voltage blocked (resistance) or pass through determines the sound. As you see in the below diagram, sound is created in the Oscillator by midi keyboard or analog modular or by inbuilt oscillator in the DAWs.

Basic Synthesizer diagram_psyfamily_beatworx
Basic Synthesizer diagram

This is an example of analog oscillator, where wavelengths can be selected i.e sine or saw or triangle or square.

Example of an Analog oscillator
Example of an Analog oscillator

After sound is created in oscillator, then comes filtering those sounds. Chopping through the frequency band, cutting or enhancing low or high end sounds. You have a sound, but now you want to alter it i.e adjusting attack, decay, sustain or release of that particular sound coming through oscillator. Then you amplify it in Voltage control oscillator (VCA) and further into the mixer and you have your sound.

But it could be knotty if you are not aware of basic circuits that we studied in physics during school. Never mind, we human learn better when we feel the requirement. So, we went to this Analog Fever Modular workshop by Willy Microo which was in Beatworx studio. This guy took around three years to make his own modular rack. Here is the picture of that modular.

Willy Microo with his Analog modular at Beatworx studio_psyfamily
Willy Microo explains his Analog modular at Beatworx studio

But totally worth when you hear the quality and accessibility of this instrument. With connecting these wires, you can create sound of your imagination, everything is possible! Willy added. (You can watch Willy talking and playing with modular here Beatworx FB page) And you can also ask any question to Willy Microo here.


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