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How not to sleep early at night! Wha what??


Getting up early in morning is really difficult..i mean not when you have to pack n go…but everyday other than these days. But ocasionally whenever i woke up..morning are very fresh, keeps mind so calm throughout the day, we feel hungry timely n more importantly go to bed early in night. If didn’t slept in the afternoon.

Sleeping late in the night (nearly before sunrise) is not so good and everyone knows it. But i feel so comfortable in that night time. Everyone sleeping, no chi chi chaa chaa, and then creativity comes out. I mostly spend that while making a playlist or working on ableton or digging up for next article or chilling n eating. Every night there is one thing that i get cling to and resolve, by the time it get solved or sound is morning. And then slam on bed, sleep? Not now, another 30 minutes to lost conscious. And then i assume for good health 6hr should be minimum sleep, that fucks up the scenario. Never mind, it is still fine to wake when sun is over head.

One root cause i found out is- Thinking too much! That too things that aren’t even happened yet. In this case, thinking is worse. It waste energy and make mind complex for nexts moment of day. I dont want to talk much on thinking science but it really makes person drain out.

Sober sleepers always have sound sleep. Alcohol sleepers are also fine, they wake up early. But others, their minds are always on. Even when body is at rest, there is still momentum in the brain. And by the time u can call it a sound sleep, it is afternoon or even high tea time.

Second root cause is- Ask Do i really what to wake up early??? It is as simple as yes or no, but i’ve been like seven years like this, not yet simple. Can figure out complexity or simplicity of the stuation. I would call it lazy, but word ‘deedth’ put up more impact here.

Last month, for a week i slept early like 11pm and would automatically wake around 3.30 or 4 am. I loved it. But as i mentioned, occasionally!! That time too it is so peaceful and bliss.

Again try are on to sleep early in night.