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It’s savage trance

Trance is coming back as Full on trance to mainstream electronic music lovers. Melodic, fatty bass, break sound, some vocals and psychedelic FXs are favorite of many Indian listeners. Many such great music is coming out from Israel, Brazil and many more. People love that sort of high energy dance moment.

Israel is correlate to India in terms of music, people, government relation, or tourism, and people even call, Kasol – a mini Israel. Anyway, today am talking about a producer and DJ based in Israel.

We have Ori chen, who is currently signed with 3P Records (Israel) and Freaking Beats Record (Mexico), responding to few questions. He’ll be sharing his experience and tips for young producers..   

Your track ‘Marocco ft Bar Tzabary coming soon, tell something about it.

This track was made together with two of my best friends Bar Tzabary & Avial Abulfia. It was a very fun through the making of this track, we just set at the studio and start playing Moroccan tunes and we loved it. So we actually start Recording the first channel of the track I think it was the violin that kick start this track. 

Would you produce a dark or a forest track in future, comment!

At my early years of producing I was creating a dark and forest music I loved it back then, this days I’m more into electro, techno, and progressive psytrace. Its like I just can’t handle that speed I’m a Take it easy kanna guy…

How do you see India when it comes to psychedelic trance and country as whole in terms of people, arts and culture?

It is well known that India and it’s culture had the most influence on the psychedelic scene, everything started in Goa and expanded from there to the rest of the world. Israel and israeli artists took a big part in the Goa scene back then and I think we always have to remember from where we come and where we are planing to go. I still didn’t get a chance to play at Goa or India but I hope it will happen soon…

Is your better-half motivates you to make music?

Sure she’s very supportive when it comes to my art, I think that if it wasn’t like this we wouldn’t get alone. She loves my music she always say she’s my “number 1 fan” and sh’s not even a psytrance type of a person.

Five favorite VSTs you would recommend to aspiring psytrance producers

My most use vst, I think..

What sparked you to pursue music career

When I was really young 12 or 13 years old, I listened to a track made by my friend on “E-jay” I remember I was shocked that this is a thing that is possible to create.

Describe your first studio instrument. Other instruments.?

Oh my god that was in 1999 I think when I got my hands on a Virus TI keyboard, it was a changing moment for me… though I don’t think you must have an instruments to produce good music this days, you can get all of the plugins and sounds from the computer and they are not falling from the analog sound that an instrument can create.

Thank you Ori for your true respond,certainly this will motivate and inspire young producers. Also hope that your wish to play in Goa come true soon.

Listeners and booking agents can connect with him on Facebook.

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