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Kodaikanal in Silence

Kodaikanal is a hill station in Tamil Naidu, India. It is at approximate altitude of six thousand feet above sea level. Kodai hops up during weekends with people from around cities. The place is known for its weather, scenic nature and mushrooms.

Still from our cottage

It was a awaited visit. We reached Saturday morning in Kodaikanal (Bus stand) and started to look for a room. As we didn’t booked in advance, most places were full or expensive, we didn’t get a room. And also we were not looking to stay in city area. So a local friend helped to find a room. We got a cottage, 8km from Naidu puram, crossing villapatti in some village (couldn’t remember the name).

Going back to room from nearest shop (2 km away)   |   (In picture : Akshay)

We didn’t had a bike and had to walk a long to get basic things for the night. A small shop is 2 km and it closes at 7 pm. Market is 6 km away. Once we met bikers, they were happy to help.

Still while chilling  |  (Picture by : Akshay)

It is the Psilocybin land of India..! Naturally grown and anciently used by ancestors for ritual and medical purpose. And a roti roll from leftovers…Yum!!

Magic roll !!

We were hungry and so we assembled everything editable in our room. Take chapati; add scramble egg, shrooms dipped in honey, sprinkle oregano & chilli flakes and ketchup. Wrap and eat.

Fried crab at local stall in Kodai
Teetar ka meat (Grey Francolin bird ) at local stall

Place is also known for tea leaf, coffee bean, chocolates and confectioneries. We had a amazing vibe with people and place. Would love to go back again. Do share your trip or any experience in the comment below, that you think is useful for others. Thank you!