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Malas: Why we wear them?

Malas are a string of beads. These beads have significance in spiritual and religious beliefs. Mala is used for reciting a prayer and thus called Jap Mala. Some wear them for fashion some for a spiritual reason. Malas are worn around the neck, like garland, or held in hand.

Mala has great importance in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Beads that make mala can be Rudraksha, Sphatik, Tulsi (holy basil), Chandan (sandalwood), Moonge (coral), Haldi (turmeric), Navratan gems, Kamal Gatte (lotus flower). There are many other malas in different religions, for example, Tibetan Buddhist use mala made of Yak’s bone. But we’re more focus on the use of mala in Hinduism for now.

Why 108 Beads ?

Mostly Jap malas have 108 beads and 109th bead is Bindu, stupa or guru bead which is distinctive telling that one cycle is completed. The number 108 has significance in religion, in yoga or spiritual understanding. There are some interpretation:

  • There are 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets. So 12 multiply 9 equals to 108.
  • The diameter of Sun is 108 times of earth. Calculation shows it’s 109 times of earth, but we will consider it because 109th bead is Bindu in mala.
  • Sanskrit Language has 54 alphabets. Each alphabet have masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energy. So 54 multiply by 2 equals to 108.

Types of Mala and its use.

As told earlier there are many types of mala made of different seeds. All these have importance on our body, mind and soul. Some use for meditation, some use for religious ritual or some for fashion. Lets take a brief look at types of malas.

Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha has great importance in the worship of Lord Shiva. Seeds of Rudraksha tree never dies or change its form. It means its an end. The time has come to a halt. Just like ‘Ash’ reflects the reality of the human body, so as the rudraksha seed.

Do you wear rudraksha mala?x

Wearing Rudraksha mala and worshipping Lord Shiva can cure Heart-related disease and blood pressure. It’s also believed that reciting Mahamrityunjay mantra can stop sudden death.

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Sphatik Mala

Wearing sphatik mala brings calm or Shanti to our mind and soul. Prayers of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga is effective using sphatik mala. Gayatri Mantra is fruitful using sphatik mala while prayer.

It improves the financial situation and lowers the temper of individual.

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Safed Chandan Mala (White Sandalwood)

Wearing Safed Chandan Mala helps in calm the mind, bring peacefulness in life. Helps individual in overcoming problems in life by taking calm decisions and brings freshness in the body.

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Lal Chandan Mala (Red Sandalwood)

It also helps in bringing peace in mind and soul. It’s mostly used for Goddess prayer. In the astrological point of view, it helps in treating Mangal (Mars) house.

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Tulsi Mala (Holly Basil)

Wearing Tulsi mala brings purity in body and soul. It’s used in prayers of Lord Vishnu. Tulsi plant is considered very pure and is worshipped in most households. Its seed mala is well respected and worn with care.

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Moonge ki Mala

moonge ki mala

Wearing this mala makes you peace and calm. It’s associated with Lord Hanuman and effective during Hanuman Sadana.

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Kamal Gatte Mala

Kamal Gatte is made from lotus flower seeds. Lotus is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. Thus, Kamal Gatte mala is used during lakshmi Jap to attain wealth.

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Sphatik & Rudraksha Mishrit Mala

sphatik & rudraksha mala

It is combination of Sphatik mala and Rudraksha mala. It brings energy of Shiv-Shakti. Shiv is masculine energy and Shakti is feminine energy. Both depends on each other. Without Shakti is Shiv is just Shav (dead or just ash).

It’s good for blood pressure related problem. Because Rudraksha cures low blood pressure and Sphatik cures high blood pressure. Sphatik & Rudraksha combination mala keeps balance in the body.

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Rudraksha & Sone (Gold) Mala

This mala is combination of Rudraksha and gold. In which gold enhances the power of rudraksha. Gold is considered as the purest element.

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Navratan Gem Mala

Wearing Navratan Gem Mala helps in calmness of all nine planets in our life. And using this mala helps to attain peace of mind.

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Haldi (turmeric) Mala

It’s made of bulbs of turmeric which is considered one of the most purifying herbs in the Ayurved. Turmeric has a t of medicinal properties. It’s used in worshipping Balagamukhi (form of wise goddess) and Jupiter planet.

In astrology position of Jupiter determines whether person will get what he wants easily or through lot of struggle in life.

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Wearing Mala as a fashion symbol

Many people wear rudraksha or tulsi mala like garland as a fashion. It gives feeling of spiritualism and grounded. Whatever reason it may, it’s their choice. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling.

Many years ago I used to wear Tulsi mala. Twice I was been told not to wear tulsi mala because of my lifestyle. Because one who wears tulsi mala devotes to Lord Vishnu and should live a simple life. I have stopped wearing any malas but I sometimes carry them in a pouch for prayer.

I hope you get my point. Malas are religious elements. If you believe in something you should follow otherwise no need to bother. Peace out.

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