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Micro pranayama for busy folks

Do you feel lazy or toxicity in your body? You don’t get enough time for health? Do you feel like detoxing yourself heavily? We recommend you these micro paranayams; you can do in your home, office or even in your car.

1. Anulom vilom

Inhale from one nostril and release from another. Use your thump and middle finger. You can do this anywhere, sitting straight. Inhale deep into your lungs, feel it is purifying you.
Benefits: Heal Hypertension permanently, clears heart blockage, asthma, etc. It balances the body in terms of chakra energy.

2. Say Aum!!

Close your eye, spine straight and deep breathe. Inhale and recite ‘aum’ while calm and prolonged exhale. You can also shut your ears with your both thumbs and cover eye with fingers.
Benefits: Balance your breath; energise third eye and throat chakra.

3. Clear your stomach

Yes! Drink more water and clear your stomach at least twice a day. This regulates smooth digestion process and reduce gastric problems. Most of common diseases originate from stomach. Fatty people wearing tight trousers and sitting on chair for long can have little gas problem due to indigestion.
Benefits: Improve digestion, better and clear face tone.

4. Focus on nostril points

While you breathe, focus on your two nostril points. It balance your sun and moon. It mentally make you in present. This is the key! (More than 60% of our problems are imaginative)
Benefits: Feel energetic, stop you from speaking blindly.

5. Prefer room temperature water

It is difficult to break the habiting of switching on geyser in morning and drinking cold from fridge. But it is scientifically proved, the people who drink and bath with room temperature have better health and skin tone.
Benefits: Tight body skin, better immunity and energetic body.

These are not pranayama, it is just a glimpse. It is to rejuvenate and temporary escape you from your full swing corporate life. Most corporate people (in India) develop a habit of having tea cup and cigarette, every time they get break. And after shift, fill stomach and sleep. If you don’t do any exercise, at least you should a try to these quick hacks. Do it for eight weeks, you will see the change in yourself.