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Morchang Sound of desert

morchang cover

Morchang is a tribal wind percussion instrument, or called Jew’s harp in west, its origin can be traced from tribes in east India and Rajasthan-Sindh region, around two thousand years ago.

It is not very known instrument like flute, harp and didgeridoo. But you’ve been definitely listening to it from long time, if you watched Tom and Jerry cartoon! I am putting a snapshot from that part of video below…

sound ‘Tungg’ when he hit his nose

It is a U shape metal frame with a tongue in between that moves to produce sound with wind (Breathing). We can say that instrument is not separate from one who is playing it. It is the breath that impact the sound more. There are variations in sound note of different morchangs. You can find them online or from some shops.

Few people make them, one name that strikes first is Mohan Lal Lohar from Rajasthan. He is one expert in making morchang. (See him making Morchang in this video below)

Few months back, I went to Kaziranga with my parents and brother. In a sovereign shop at National park, this little thing caught my eye- It’s also a morchang made of Bamboo, I appreciate the fine desi engineering.

Bamboo morchang from Kaziranga

Before saying bye, I would take one name who can put up India on map with their traditional folk music- ‘Barmar boys’. They are Rajathani Band and tour India, Europe and some western cities.