New DJ gears announced in 2020

These are some of the new DJ gear you can accept coming to India. It may take time depending upon their dealers in our country. These gears were shown in NAMM 2020 which happened in January, from 16th to 19th Jan 2020. It happened in California, USA.

Those unfamiliar with NAMM. It stands for the National Association of Music Merchants. It’s one of the biggest exhibition for musicians, bands, DJs, hardware manufacturers, anyone who works in the music industry.

So let’s start with the list.

Roland DJ 707M

Roland DJ 707M is compact, rigid and best at portability. Good for mobile DJs who do weddings, corporate or private house parties.

It has 16 in-built fx with a small led screen. It’s a 4-channel DJ mixer with Serato software that comes along with this controller. It can be used as DVS, connecting two turntables. It can be mapped with other DJ software, the in-build functionality best works with Serato.

Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ All-in-One DJ System

XDJ in pioneer means standalone. This means it can be used without using the laptop. One can use 2-channels from USB flash drive and 2-channels the DJ software such as Rekordbox simultaneously. It’s one of its kind in the market. If you don’t want to bring your laptop to gig, just get this controller with the USB drive and you’re good to go!!

Pioneer DJM V10 6-channel mixer

This one is something great and new from Pioneer DJ. It’s a next-generation DJ mixer for electronic music DJs who plays back-to-back acts or dual acts. Where artists can input live instruments such as a sequencer, midi controllers, keyboards, or mics. Plus it has compressor knob on all channels which gives the ability to change dynamics of the sound (gain knob is different). One can also customize the curves of the effects as per their requirement. You can select the High, Mid and Low button to apply effects. For example if you want to use an echo effect on lyrics in the track, you can solo Mid and echo will apply only on the Mid frequency of the track. It’s not considered as a replacement for DJM 900 series. But the next level of sound mixing for DJs.

Denon DJ Prime Go

Check their website

Prime in Denon DJ means Standalone. Prime Go is battery powered DJ standalone controller with 2-channels. Average battery run time is 4 hours. It has a horizontal three-band EQ with a 7-inch touch screen, USB slot, SD card slot, balanced master out and wifi connectivity.  It has all the basic functions one needs to DJ. Denon DJ has also come up with Prime 2, Prime 4, SC6000M. Check out their website for more info.     

These are a couple of equipment that I found hot in 2020 and can change the game of mixing sound. There would be hundreds of other stuff released as an upgrade or something innovative that you think is brilliant. Say in the Comment section below.