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JoPad is a reusable sanitary towel born in West Bengal

Even being the biggest democracy in the world, even a war cry being Bharat Mata ki Jai and being one of the big upcoming techno giants. A country where menstruation and sex is a taboo topic, where thousands of female miss out of their school or work because of menstruation period. But since the movie Pad Man released Feb 2018, things have changed a bit and people are open to talk and television commercial have removed filters from their scripts. That time we wrote a post Stains, Taboos and Luxuries and today this JoPad has indeed an interesting story.

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Festival and escape guide this New Year 2020 in India

India is a diverse country where food and dialect change every hundred miles. A country with 5,638 daily newspaper in 101 languages is certainly rich in heritage and cultural values. It is said that there are as many festivals as the number of days in a year, it may be big, small or even unheard by locals. From October onward things become more festive, there is Dussehra, Diwali, Durga Puja, Navratra, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Christmas, lohri and wedding season.


Super ‘Sonic System’ gathering in BLR on 29th June

There is super line-up and headliner, with super decor and class production and ultimately super souls on the dancefloor that makes it Super Sonic System gathering. ‘Sonic System‘ is a psychedelic music project of Daniele Rinaldi from Como, Italy. His music is categorized as high BPM dance music. Other heads on the liner are Daash which is (awe) OSOM music project by D. Saxena, Gaaba by Paul V and Gurudev by Gurudath Kamath.

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Choose your words wisely when you see a yogi!

They say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Reason to write this post is, I came across a post on FB group about 140 year Yogi whose skull coming through flesh (not healthy physical appearance) and there were so many negative comments about his body appearance, I want to give my opinion by reasoning why he is like that?

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‘Was convinced during a rape’- Mushroom experience story

“I decided to take 7grams in my room in complete darkness and got as comfortable as possible”

Psychedelics help to go off depression and if it does – it can give answer to the questions. “I am adopted and no nothing about my biological parents except what I was able to find through I found the name and a cousin sent me a picture of my biological father. My biological father was shot and killed at gae of 21, assuming suicide because I was as unable to find details.”


Ten juicy dark/forest albums we’re listening to this month

Lucy likes it juicy.. 

We do like some juicy but talking about these albums, these are beautifully curated forest and experimental music releases by underground labels. All albums are on Bandcamp, preview player is embedded here for each, you can click the link as well to land on label’s Bandcamp page where you can wishlist it or download.