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Pets hate wearing bells, but couldn’t tell

psyfamily pet hate bell

Tying bell around their neck, makes them cute! But imagine, that same bell is tied to your neck? It obviously doesn’t sound soothing, while making any movement an annoying ‘ting-ting-tung-tung’ sound coming along with you.
psyfamily pet hate bell

Dogs and cats can hear much lower and higher frequencies than human with a normal hearing. Human can hear up to 20 kHz, dogs can hear up to 40 KHz while cats go up till 60 KHz. We can’t hear sound, doesn’t mean its no-sound. Bells have role in training, hunting or tracking the pets. But, for those pets who are not doing any of these tasks – Is bell required for them?

psyfamily_freq chart
Frequency chart

A small bell can produce frequency over 5000 Hz and continue hearing them with 100 db intensity can drive you nuts over a period of time.

We hang bells for our own ease, not for pet’s convenience. In nature, our pets are much capable than us.

Few days back, I came home in night and it was silent. I could hear the ‘ting’ sound of metal clips coming from my dog’s collar. It wasn’t so musical to me. Then I realized it’s the same metal ring I tied few months ago to his collar to make him look cool, that’s making annoying sound. I thought if I cannot bare this sound for a minute, how could this animal? I quickly removed it from his collar and he seemed to be happy about it. Started cuddling with me, licking hand and waving his tail!!

Shingha sleeping..

Animals can’t speak our language, but their behavior speaks everything.