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Rave plan with Demoniac Insomniac in India

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Boris Kirov a.k.a Demoniac Insomniac is a prime name cognate with Active Meditation Music, a 2008 established record label from Macedonia.   

VA – The Journey Within on Active Meditation Music released in April 2018

Active Meditation Music logo on
Active Meditation Music logo (T-shirt print)

Their label logo is inspired by the Nataraja statue where Shiva’s left foot is raised towards right symbolizing dissolution of the material world and while standing on the right foot represent that he is firm in spiritual reality. This means dissipate of anger and ego from one’s life and moving towards the dimension of enlightenment.  And dance is an ancient ritual and a tool of active meditation to expand consciousness.  


Their first compilation ‘VA – Anahat’ released in 2008 

This was their first album compilation by Boris on Active Meditation Music. Above hit that play button if you haven’t listened yet. This featured artists like Death Project, Sick Noise, Seth, Insector, Fatal Disor, Demoniac Insomniac are eye-catching names on the album tracklist.  


Boris kirov has developed himself with different layers of talent. And one such layer is clothing line of Active Meditation Music label, where tees are themed by name of the album. Like one can purchase ‘The journey Within’ CD plus T-shirt at twenty-five euros with free shipping worldwide. Click below picture to order, these tees come in male and female fitting.     

The journey Within' CD plus T-shirt
Click to order The Journey Within CD and T-shirt
Click to order T-shirt

Rave Dates

His tour starts under the banyan tree in Bangalore on 3rd November 2018. And later Kodai, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai are confirmed places so far.  Below is event list with event link. You can book your ticket with the organizer, check the link, or you simply fill this form and you will be contacted for your pass.           

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Which place you would attend ?

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  • Bangalore  3rd November 2018
  • Western Ghats 10th November 2018
  • Mumbai 17th November 2018
  • Pune 18th November 2018
  • Chennai 24th November 2018
  • Hyderabad 8th December 2018
  • Coimbatore 15th December 2018 


10th November 2018 is expected to be a brilliant gathering, a pure forest vibe in the middle of hills and trees. You can carry your camping tent to spend night under the big night sky. There are options for room as well but subject to availability. Food & beverage will be there at the venue. This is the flyer for the party. 

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