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‘Taalspin’ is a psychedelic trance project by DJ Charanjit based in Bangalore, India. His DJ set contains wide bass, night time sounds, organic elements, experimenting glitches at healing frequencies.


Started to play at the age of 17 years in Nagpur. Initial opportunities came from family & friends, wedding, reception, family club, college & roadshow. This made his contact with commercial dance music. But having keen bend towards underground segments of electronic music. Following years came as exposure to underground electronic music and scene. And helped him to gradually move to club scene. He perform his DJ set with an idea of awakening kundalani from muladhar (root chakar) up towards Sahashar (crown chakra). For example, musical note for root chakra is ‘C’ whereas musical note for crown chakra is ‘B’ at 480 Hz. Similarly, he curate his set so as to create that energy within. Dance helps to relax muscle and free mind from thoughts, it is like active dance meditation. 

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