Ten juicy dark/forest albums we’re listening to this month

Lucy likes it juicy.. 

We do like some juicy but talking about these albums, these are beautifully curated forest and experimental music releases by underground labels. All albums are on Bandcamp, preview player is embedded here for each, you can click the link as well to land on label’s Bandcamp page where you can wishlist it or download.  

Chart Music

Vintage…Still power Psytrance!

CHART: A list of some really ‘full power’ psy trance tracks that every tripper needs to tune in to!

The below list is in no particular order, each tracks has its unique thing which makes the track so attractive.

If you have just started your Psy trance journey, these are the tracks that you will surely fall in love with and for the experienced tripper, am sure you know already that once you listen to these below tracks again, you are sure to fall in love with them again.


CHART: FOREST releases in January

Forest is one my favorite style of psychedelic trance. And recently many amazing productions has been released on bandcamp, soundcloud, parvati records, Ovni records, and many more to name. Here is list of ten amazing forest music released in December 2017 and January 2018.

(This mushroom picture is painted by Sarah Jane, read this to know about her art  Wilderness & Innocence! Describes Her Art )

Skull & Tones – WIP 150bpm

Shenanigan – Jungle Swing 

Radikal Moodz – Head Control


ONKEL DUNKEL – PRIMITIVES (Parvati digital gift)

Don’t know what to call it, but it has a beautiful groove and it was made in 2002 by Onkel Dunkel from Parvati records. Released in December 2017.