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Three gulab jamun day of Belik Boom

Belik boom india oct 2018 psyfamily blog

This gulab jamun is impalpable, unlike the one we eat as dessert. It can only imbibe by ears and releases a psychedelic syrup in mind which makes people jump one foot high and say, Oye Oye Oye...  In picture: Belik Boom | Image Courtesy Leandro Quartiermeister   Belik Boom is one of the

Rave plan with Demoniac Insomniac in India

Demoniac Insomniac india 2018 psyfamily india

Boris Kirov a.k.a Demoniac Insomniac is a prime name cognate with Active Meditation Music, a 2008 established record label from Macedonia.    The Journey Within by Various Artist VA - The Journey Within on Active Meditation Music released in April 2018 Active Meditation Music logo (T-shirt print) Their label logo is inspired by the

Dreamscape-An Audio Visual showcase of Homegrown Artists

Music is your special friend Psyfamily.IN popup! and Vanaghotra presents you Dreamscape. It's a concept event which focus on domestic artists by promoting them on ground. We've precisely chosen these talents on basis of skill they carry, hands that are require to make a memorable gathering for all attendees and crew.