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Ways to Spiritual Maturity and Awakening

Covid-19 pandemic is nature’s slap on humanity. We ignored earlier warnings and kept on chasing our desires. Creating a more fake and polished environment that would benefit us in terms of wealth. Nature required a break from rubbish and greedy human activities. To restore itself, to eliminate pollution and to give space to other creatures. Also to make humans rethink about the purpose and importance of life.

Lockdown has led many of us to spend time with our families. And a chance to learn something new which we couldn’t due to a busy work life. Also to go inside our mind, our body and soul. Rather than chasing material happiness. Let’s start with understanding the meaning of spiritual maturity or awakening.

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Choose your words wisely when you see a yogi!

They say, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Reason to write this post is, I came across a post on FB group about 140 year Yogi whose skull coming through flesh (not healthy physical appearance) and there were so many negative comments about his body appearance, I want to give my opinion by reasoning why he is like that?

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Directing mind into Meditation

Directing mind, it means to flow with the thoughts rather than resisting them and we will also forge a habit for meditation. Initial days of meditation, we don’t feel comfortable to practice meditation and thus we make excuses. I made lot of excuses like – can’t keep my spine straight it is paining, legs become numb, can’t stop mind to think, after few days nothing is changing in me, I want to try other technique, I lose attention and sleep during meditation, I want to do meditation daily and feel healthy but it is not happening I don’t know why?, etc. I found that more we think of doing anything, the more we get tangle. So just perform it, to start out neither it require any preparation nor a master. Before talking further, do this simple exercise.

Just breathe In and Breathe Out.

  1. Close eyes.
  2. Take breath and slowly release. (Do this it at for three minute), while focusing on your nostril points.
  3. Feel the whole path of air that is going in and out. Feel if it’s cold or warm. Feel the sensation. Feel both the nostrils.
  4. Rub your palms and massage on your face.
  5. Open your eyes and continue reading.
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Art of thoughtless mind

Zazen came from Zen. It literally mean seated meditation. The meaning and method of zazen varies from school to school. In the Japanese Rinzai school, zazen is usually associated with the study of koans. A koan is a riddle or puzzle that Zen Buddhists use during meditation to help them unravel greater truths about the world and about themselves. On other hand, Soto School of Japan rarely incorporates koans into zazen, preferring an approach where the mind has no object at all, known as shikantaza.