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It’s savage trance [Interview]

Trance is coming back as Full on trance to mainstream electronic music lovers. Melodic, fatty bass, break sound, some vocals and psychedelic FXs are favorite of many Indian listeners. Many such great music is coming out from Israel, Brazil and many more. People love that sort of high energy dance

Before you hear ‘Imaginarium Live’ at VR Bengaluru on 8th April

cover img_psyfamily.in_imgainarium_bangalore_futuresound

Imaginarium is a psychedelic trance project of Nikola Gasic, who is based in Belgrade, Serbia. His music contains wide grooves and night time elements that keeps you in uplifted dimension of trance. He also recently released an EP on Digital Om, called Engines of Creation. (Beatport). He is also better

Vintage…Still power Psytrance!

CHART: A list of some really 'full power' psy trance tracks that every tripper needs to tune in to! The below list is in no particular order, each tracks has its unique thing which makes the track so attractive. If you have just started your Psy trance journey, these are the tracks

Explore Psychedelic slack of Trap style

Trap music is originally came up as Hip-hop trap in early 1990s, it defined by it's double or triple layered bass and hi hat arrangement. In modern era, where styles of genres are expanding as producers are more experimenting with their music. Gravitas Recordings presents their 17 track release by

Warmup before Freedom Blast 2017 Goa be like!


Freedom Blast is an iconic psytrance festival and it'll be happening in Goa this Aug 11 to Aug 15. Conceptualized by 2brothers. Prominent artists from across globe are presented on line-up with amazing combination of visuals and sound to make it memorable for every one who attended.   541

Exposure to Psytrance DJs in India


Do new artists get enough opportunities to showcase their work? Or, you don’t want to play another genre? It has been a moot. In this article I also talked to Chromaderma to share his opinion on the subject. 417

TEN best mantra psytrance tracks

best mantra psytrance psyfamily

Indian mantras gives beautiful vibe because they are shloks, from religious literature. More importantly, rhythmic! Some call it Indian Trance or Mantra trance. Artist twist sounds to suit their style, somewhere mantra or sometime Bollywood or Punjabi songs. Anything that fits to the ear. So, here are ten tracks that