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TEN best mantra psytrance tracks

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Indian mantras gives beautiful vibe because they are shloks, from religious literature. More importantly, rhythmic! Some call it Indian Trance or Mantra trance. Artist twist sounds to suit their style, somewhere mantra or sometime Bollywood or Punjabi songs. Anything that fits to the ear. So, here are ten tracks that I like the most. Mantra and those that give Indian vibe are listed-

1. Madmaxx & shivadelic – Ganesha namaha

It’s all-time favourite track by madmax and our home talent shivadelic. Here, Mrityunjya mantra is used.

2. Shanti people – Tandav (Blazy & Gottinari Remix)

Remixed and released in Jan 2017. This is like big room dancing, Shiv Tandav Strotam is amazingly used in the track.

3. 1200 Mics – Shivas India (Astral Projection Remix)

Remixed done by Astral projection and released in 2014. Not a mantra voice (used a vocal by Karunesh), but has old school elements and Indian instrument sounds. we remember this track because the original version (released in 2004, The time machine), we used to listen in high school.

4. Shivasidpao – Shiva devotional

I believe this track is mandatory on list. Released in 1998 under Shiva Space Technology. Full power goa music with lord Shiva mantra.

5. Dhrupad – Omkar sawaropa

Home grown talent! This one released in ‘VA-Dance of shadow’ July 2014. Dance of shadow is two chapter compilation by various artists including Nihil, Paranoia Sector, Aum sector, Aum sync, Aghori tantrik, Psy4tecks, Dhrupad & more.

6. Rawar – Om namah shivaye

This one released in 2010 under Triptec records. Rawar is projected by Helder Amaral from Portugal under Lycantrop Records.

7. Hilight tribe – Shankara

Because of Veena (Sitar; string instrument) sound, this song is in list. Released in 2008 in album, trancelucid.

8. Vox` – Indian Planet

Vox is an Israeli Psytrance project. Vocal used here is from an old Punjabi song. I couldn’t find this track on YT, so SoundCloud embedded. Soundcloud

9. Zentura – Sonic masala (original mix)

Released in 2013 under Sourcecode transmissions. Nice track.–EfmA

10. Popek – Krishna dancing

Released under Ovni records in November 2016. Full power at 194 bpm. This deserves to be closing this list. Not completely a mantra track, but vocals used are beautiful.

Hope you liked, do love and share with your psy vibe friends.

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