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Ten juicy dark/forest albums we’re listening to this month


Lucy likes it juicy.. 

We do like some juicy but talking about these albums, these are beautifully curated forest and experimental music releases by underground labels. All albums are on Bandcamp, preview player is embedded here for each, you can click the link as well to land on label’s Bandcamp page where you can wishlist it or download.  

At a moment, listening to Sangoma Sound System II which is a twenty track compilation by Daksinamurti & Emiel of earlier unreleased tracks from artists such as Module Virus, Fungus Funk, Gaspard, Diksha & more.    

1. Sangoma sound system II

Released under Sangoma Records in March 2019 | No. of Tracks: 20

2. Stockholm Syndrome

Released under Dream Crew Records in January 2019 | No. of tracks: 08

This compilation is a intense musical syndrome, it is covered with deep atmosphere filled with dark effect at the forestry fields. And album art is very good, in fact, it made listen to this album.

3. Mapa Pandiga – Citrus Smoothie

Released under Insomnia Records in February 2019 | No. of tracks: 05

A russian work! Both artist and label are from Russia. This is pure forest.

4. Yudhisthira – Psychedelic Dream Theater

Released under Forestdelic Records in January 2019 | No. of tracks: 03

Picture baki hai, welcome to the theater. Yudhisthira released one track each with Kala and MPF & Vla Axis. And a solo track called Purnima

5. Yabba dabba – Fried Patterns

Released under Sangoma Records in Feburary 2019 | No. of tracks: 04

Second Sangoma rec album in the list, it really deserve to be because of music – Yabba dabba – I like the name, they are duo act. They are from New Caledonia in France and it’s their second EP. It is even inspired by KFC and named second track as Kentucky Fried Patterns. If it was chicken, this album would be grill chicken hot peri sprinkled to me.

6. ChakraView and friends – Fools Paradise

Released under World People Production in February 2019 | No. of tracks: 11

It is said to be inspired by Russian folk tale – The Fool of the world. And it’s an Indian music project. The king has three son wali kahani, you can watch that Russian folk tale on Youtube – The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship. Listen to Fools Paradise below.

7. Global Aftermath

Released under Sonica Recordings in March 2019 | No. of tracks: 10

It’s about cultural norms and refining the values. It’s about making the world a better place for ourselves and the coming generation. In trance, we must trust.

8. Myshkoatl

Released under Flying Serpents Records in January 2019 | No. of tracks: 11

This is a forest focused compilation, by a Mexican based label.

9. Tengri – Random Alchemy

Released under Parvati Records in February 2019 | No. of tracks: 03

This is first release of Parvati rec. of 2019, they bring this three track EP. Mastering is done by Onkel Dunkel.

10. Nektarios – Planar

Released under Believe Lab in Janurary 2019 | No. of tracks: 03

Meet the peaks of the insanity through organic frequencies. The second track of this EP is by Ajja, which is remixed by Nektarios. Take a dip into this.

These were albums that we loved listening to and hope you liked them. If you been listening to another album, tell us in comments below we would listen to them too. Before ending this post, would share an album with is hitech and old school reggae in one place. By listening to this album till the end will develop a sense of new style called Ragga hitech.

The Raggatek Live Band Remixes

Released under Ovni Records in January 2019 | No. of tracks: 13

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