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Three gulab jamun day of Belik Boom

Belik boom india oct 2018 psyfamily blog

This gulab jamun is impalpable, unlike the one we eat as dessert. It can only imbibe by ears and releases a psychedelic syrup in mind which makes people jump one foot high and say, Oye Oye Oye 

In picture: Belik Boom | Image Courtesy Leandro Quartiermeister  

Belik Boom is one of the prominent names in the Full on – Uplift – Psytrance circuit. A project of Guy Belik from Jerusalem, Israel has confirmed his dates in India; Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore are three cities where he’ll be performing on 26th, 27th and 28th of October respectively. Tickets are up on Book My Show.

Above track, My Kind of India released in 2009 was well liked and played million of time by DJs and fans. Before this release, Belik was casual about music and produces only for the joy. His excitement started when he was introduced to FL Studio in 2003 and started to experiment in various styles of electronic music but with a keen bend towards Full On and progressive psytrance. He listened to the music of various genres at his early age, rock was his soft corner along electronic experimental sounds that engross listener into a concoction.

In June 2014 after seven month South America trip he recognized his north star. And released tracks like PagalapanaToccata, Avada Kadabra that hit the top 10 charts around the world.  Apart from these, there are other tracks that make the trace floor go boom! Watch below the video of Belik Boom during Playground Music Festival that happens in Brazil. 

Tracklist (Click on a track to listen full )

Belik Boom – Avada Kadabra
Mandragora – Grand Tokyo buffet (Belik boom remix)
Belik Boom – Leonidas
Belik Boom – Gulab jamun
Belik Boom – Deadman tales
Belik Boom – Pirates are coming (bass trap remix)
Vagus & Offir Malol – Babajoon
Belik Boom – My kind of India
Belik Boom – Tocatta
Belik Boom – Pagalpana

Latest Release

His recent release with Vagus is Rona Style, watch below video, which is psychedelically uplifting. Vagus is a dual act of Shay Cohen and Maor Landau of Israel. Listen to Rona Style on Soundcloud.  

Events in India 

He’ll be coming back for his three-day tour in three cities, check the link for the event information and tickets.

26th November 2018 in Rendezvous, Hyderabad – Event Page

27th November 2018 in Charriot beach resort in Chennai – Event Page

28th November 2018 in XU, Bangalore – Event Page

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