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Through the shamanic eye of an Irish musician

Brendan Ring is an author, an Irish musician and a mystic. He is known for his literary work in shamanism and kundalani awakening. Currently, he is studying to qualify as a cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapist.

Brendan Ring

Recently, I decided to hypnotically regress myself as far back as I could go, I wasn’t looking for a past-life regression, more a ‘just before this life’ one. I wanted to know what I was, immediately before I was conceived. I took myself back through adult life to childhood, back to my earliest memories and then, via my imagination into my mothers womb. I reversed the growth of my fetal body until I could go no further with my imagination, the information I was looking for was just beyond this point. The vision was of a beautiful rainbow, arcing in front of me with the full spectrum of colours. I was startled out of hypnosis by it’s clarity and vividness and all at once, information from previous spiritual experiences that I hadn’t fully grasped seem to coalesce in my mind giving me the answer not only to what I was, but also to what I am and to what you are, he quoted.

Yes! he make drums too. These drums produce frequency vibrations that lets you celebrate and heal. They are made with animal bone, feather and skin. It is played during ceremony or shamanic healing. Each drum is different in tone or at least in term of their energies. If you want to know about the making of these drums, you can reach Brendan on his website.

As musician and composer, Brendan is well recognized piper and Irish harpist. He is playing since eleven year of age, at fifteen he was featured in a television series, RTE, A river sound, The changing course of Irish traditional music, are few to name. He hold a master degree in Music from University of Cork, Ireland. You will be astonished to know that he is also one of few handful people involved in bringing back to life and play iconic instruments such as  historical Irish harp, called Clairseach.

His music is featured and released worldwide on more than fifty musical releases, CD format. He has own CD album released, namely – Cumba, which is a original harp of Gaelic Ireland and the highlands of Scotland.

Shamanic Kundalani Awakening

He also authored, A Shamanic Kundalani Awakening, this book is a rare journey of vision and mystic connection to the source via kundalani awakening and shamanic initiation.  

A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening, written by Brendan Ring

So pour, “A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening” into your heart and mind. It’s a doubly rare vintage, to be savored slowly and linger appreciatively. Setting upon Mr. Ring’s book of magnificent horizons will leave the reader without any doubt that he has entered that relatively unexplored area of excellent literary works deserving of the warning, “Here be dragons.” All of this, told, as it is, from the standpoint of an honest mystical adventurer from the Western world should be much appreciated by any reader of similar intent. By New Human Horizons – Told From A Poet’s HeartBy Art H. on Amazon Kindle Edition

You can preview sample or even buy a paperback version or digital version on Amazon kindle, click here and you can also check out his recent blog here.

Brendan lives in a peacefully located cottage in Ireland with his wife, Michele, and their pet – cats and a dog. We wish them all the light energy and lots of happiness. Before signing off, I would like to thank Sarah hopkins for introducing me to Brendan, while we were doing an article on her, Wilderness & Innocence! Describes Her Art. As Brendan and myself were talking about Shamanism healing, hopefully in future Brendan would share his irregular and shamanic approach to treat illness. Till then happy living!

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