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Travelling to mama India for first time?


Mama India

Taj Mahal in Agra

From the Thar desert in Rajasthan to the tribal islands of Andaman and Nicobar to the snow falls in Kashmir, and so much more that India has to offer you.

If you have chosen or are thinking to visit India for your next trip, you will surely not be disappointed.

India is a pretty big country and has a population which is larger than life itself. The big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore tend to get crowded, chaotic, hot and humid and India is definitely all that and more. This holiday, you can choose to go offbeat and visit all the beautiful life revolutionizing places tucked away in nooks and crannies of our mama India.

Following are some tips that will come in handy for the first time that you are travelling to India depending upon the region that you choose to visit.

On top of the world.

If being one, surrounded by mountains covered in a blanket of snow is what helps you to escape the daily hustle and bustle of your life, consider visiting Himachal Pradesh up north. 

Start your journey from Delhi airport, taking a bus up till Manali, Here you can visit some famous holy temples and get accustomed to climate before you head further up towards Parvati Valley, you can catch a bus to take you to Kasol and from there you are on your own. There is so much to do in these valleys, you could trek, trek some more and once you are tired, you can trek more because your eyes can’t take enough beauty of the mountains and your soul is left wanting more.

View of Kasol

Some locals would be happy to guide you through the forests and and keep you from getting lost on your treks, a small fee could be charged, or some food and company in the form of good vibes.

Beautiful villages along Parvati Valley: Kasol, Malana, Tosh, Kalga, Pulga, Barsheni.

Trek through Tosh

Take your time in the valley, let the trees help you feel, the purity of the air will cleanse your soul and the strength of the mountains will inspire you just let your soul become one with the mountains.

Things to try: Handmade Hashish (Malana Cream), Underground Rave parties in magical forests, Ginger lemon honey tea for a sore throat or just as a delicious drink.

View from main road bridge in Kasol
Rave scene in Kasol

If you are an avid bike rider, consider renting out a bike and heading towards Leh in Ladakh along one of the most scenic routes in India.

(Want to know more about reaching kasol? Read this How To Reach Kasol And Come Back Safe)

Bike trip till Leh

While coming down to plain from Leh and Himachal, you can visit Golden temple which is in Amritsar, Punjab. The temple was made in 1589 by sikh’s fifth guru Sri guru Arjun dev ji. Temple was attacked many times by Mughals and rebuilt many times. It has four gates, signifying that people of all race, caste and religion are welcome. The whole building (Dharbar sahib) is covered by gold, making it Golden temple. It also serves langar (food) 24×7, figure shows that Golden temple serves free langer (food) to 40,000 people daily. 

psyfamily_golden temple
Early morning view of Golden Temple, Amritsar


Tranquility deep in the ocean:

If sitting along the beach listening to the calm waves of the sea and watching the sun go down is more your way of unwinding, Have you given the state of Goa a thought?

Picture by Omkar K.

Goa is more than just a place, It is a state of mind. Travelers from all around the world come to visit Goa to get lost in its beauty and find themselves. Most of these travelers become a regular tourist to Goa, Only once you visit will you realize how special this little state of India is.

Avoid having ice or regular water at any of the beach shacks, it is a much better idea to grab a pint of beer, as this is the state in India where alcohol is consumed the most and is also the cheapest. (a 1l bottle of water costs you 20 rupees all over india including goa, where in Goa you could get a pint of beer for as less as 40 rupees)

Arambol beach

Goa has more than 50 beaches for you to visit, some more crowded than the other. The most popular beaches being Baga, Calangute, Arambol, Morjim in the north side of Goa.

Rent a Bike. I cannot stress on this enough, Taxis are very expensive in Goa and it is just a better idea to rent a bike and quench your wanderlust at your own free will. Goa is well connected by the govt. bus service provided, although the last bus operates at 7 pm sharp.


The first of the hippies started coming to Goa in mid 60s and Made Anjuna their loving home and this is how the ‘Goa scene’ came to be. One can experience the popular goa trance parties in Shiva Valley, located in South Anjuna. Dancing to the tunes of Digital Hippie, you can feel in your heart the tranquility that Goa brings to a person, and the meaning of trance and to understand the importance of losing yourself a little bit only to know your soul.

Also Consider visiting Gokarna Village along the shores of Karnataka, and also Hampi. With the increase in travelers in Goa, a lot of people are now choosing Gokarna as the new place of rejuvenation.

Follow Osho.

A meditation resort. Rajneesh Osho relocated to hilltop town of Pune  (approx. 500 kms from Goa) where a foundation and ashram was established to offer a variety of “transformational tools” for both Indian and international visitors.

Osho Ashram in Pune

Depth in culture.

Culture. This word goes synonymous with India. Different states have different points of culture that differentiate them from the other states. One can go visit the historically rich pink city Jaipur, (known so, as most all walls and building found in Jaipur are painted a terracotta pink.)

Do a mental evaluation of where you are eating, is the place attracting hoards of flies? or a bunch of happy looking travelers?

Jaipur, known as the pink city of India
Camel safari In Rajasthan
Camel safari In Rajasthan

The god’s own country.



A tropical paradise with palm trees swaying high in the sky and wide sandy beaches. Kerela is known as the God’s own country and rightly so, the peace you feel sitting amidst the forests surrounded by the palm trees gives you a feeling like you are connected to a higher power.

People here are really nice, although they take some time to warm up to strangers or outsiders. Mostly the locals will speak their own language which is Malyalam, But they also know to speak English very well.

Boating through silence of nature in Kerela

Things to try: Magic mushrooms growing naturally from the Earth’s surface in the monsoon season, (find them at KodaiKanal, read this to know more Kodaikanal In Silence).

There are lot more to talk about and explore in India. These were just few quick tips. It require you spend moments to get a taste of the place, as every region is unique in its own, in term of people, religion, language, food, festival, etc. You will be amazed to know there are 5,600 newspaper and 3,500 magazine print circulation in 21 languages across India with readership of more than 120 million. To explore such distant miles you need to plan ahead before you hit the location, this can save you time, money and hustle. India is also known for Ayurveda, ancient remedies & herbs which are capable of healing any disease, if used properly. If you are planning a healing ceremony or a medical tour to India, I recommend you to query & plan your trip here. And if need any assistance while you are in India, click here

Despite of which place you visit in India, Have a happy, healing and safe trip.


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