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Weekend Stress Buster trip from Bangalore.

Do you get irritated or angry on frequent situations at home or at your work space? It is common in the present scenario in our society and development. At same time we should also develop new and cool ways to rejuvenate ourselves after a week full of stressful schedule.Stress is defined by feeling of strain and pressure. It is a psychological pain. A little stress is beneficial and even healthy. It keeps up the blood rolling hot !!

Stress can have worse result over period of time, heart strokes, anxiety, neurological problem are few to name. Let’s have look at below survey results done in United States. It is responded by employed volunteers, working in organized sector.

virohan_stress buster program

Though, above figures doesn’t give accuracy to measure our Indian citizen’s stress contribution percentage. But it tells what are the factors that bundle up the stress level. If you noticed, average health problems counts 30% and more than 50% it’s work and home worries. Our mind gather so much information while we eat, sleep, rave, speak, or listen. Some may be useful or may be not useful to us. It is in our will to decide and act on it.

Most of our worries are not worth, as some of the life events is yet not occurred but we think about it so hard. Losing connection with our present thoughts. Making us worry about future situation, creating stress in mind. Someone great said, “Tomorrow is in the Womb of Today”. So stay calm and stay present.

Research tells, human being can have 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. In recent myth, someone on twitter stating 70,000 thoughts per day. That’s about 3,000 thoughts per hour Or, 50 thoughts per minute. That’s a lot of intelligence to break into the Universe! But Surprisingly, 90% of thoughts are repetitive. These thoughts are created by our surrounding, interaction and actions. Our mind will think what we make it to think. If we bend more towards ‘discussing people’ rather than ‘discussing ideas’. These figures are more likely to stay unchanged.

But How to live a stress free life?

The only natural and permanent solution is to ‘enjoy’ every moment. It means clear and grounded thoughts. Quickly try these two tips-

  • Stop lying. We often lie unintentionally daily, when we don’t want to take a call and be present at a place. Telling different response to different group of people.
  • Respect all creatures. Animals, birds, insects, everything is created in this planet; this is their home too.

Here are few activities to bust the stress and stay creative in life.

  • Take a bare foot walk on grass or ground in the morning- Sole of feet has many magical points, which act as acupressure points and each point is connected to a vital organ of the body. Take a look at below diagram, you will know which organ is related to which part of sole.
    Organs related to sole points


  • Yoga and Dyan (Meditation)-  Even 10 minute daily yoga or dyan can be initially enough to get collective and stable thought. Resulting in no worrying and reducing stress possibility.
  • Cook food in wood fire- Yes, you heard it right. Littering a wood fire for cooking requires patience. Food slowly cooking in front of us on the wood and charcoal, tastes so good and more importantly it is ‘energy’ rich.

    Cooking on wood fire
  • Road drive-  Getting away from city traffic is a good way to beat the stress. Travel and hit the nearby place.

Excited! But where to go?

One of friend told about this place near Anekal, Bangalore ruler. The place is in a village five kilometers away from Anekal in a Village called- ‘Basavanapura’. It is newly opened cafe with open air ambiance. If you’re lucky enough, you might sight wild elephants, rabbits or leopards. It is not a club party place, it is chill out place to spend night with your friends under the twinkling stars.

This below is the precise location of the cafe. First reach Chandapura and then take right turn. Google map shows a faster route ( while coming from bangalore) through woods, please don’t go on that route. That is a rough and broken road. Obviously no traffic. I blindly followed google route and ended up in middle of ‘no-where’, no one to ask direction and the only light around was our bike’s headlight. Luckily after 8 kilometers wandering in the remote area. Found someone to ask direction, he asked to follow him till Basavanpura as he was from same village. After few more kilometers of travelling, we found the our place. When told this to my friend there at the cafe, he shouted at me telling why to come from that area. He told that is a trading area and used for illicit works. Loot, kidnapping and murder are few common practices there as it is broader and state rules doesn’t fully work here. Anyways, Bholenath sab ke sath. See this map photo.

E-stone cafe location


Close view of E-Stone cafe near Anekal | Psyfamily

See how great God is! I was talking about Tent and bonfire. And I found the both here at this E-stone Cafe. If you are thinking it is in closed place, that’s because I put my tent inside as it was cold outside. Continue reading, best part is yet to come.

Tent & Bonfire at the cafe

Apart from this cafe, there is so much to explore around the village. It located at the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu boarder and area comes under green belt. From this point, hills starts and stretch joins the hills of Ooty. This is also commonly called as ‘Perl Valley’. These are same forest, once Veerappan used for his operations and to hide.

Muthayala viilage hills a.k.a Perl Valley


We three at the Perl Valley


This bridge divides KA-TN and this is actually a Dam.


Iddli, Breakfast at the local stall in the village


Mirchi fry with mint chatni


While riding towards Muthaya village

It is off-beat place, not crowed and very calm. There is so much more explore around the Bangalore, many nature freak places with remarking history. It was good spent night and morning. Saw sunrise from the hills, meditated for sometime. It was seriously a stress buster for us.  And when coming back from the cafe, it was a straight and very good road. Then I got to know the correct route.

Soon will go to that place with few people. So to make it more enliven, we asked VIROHAN to plan something on it. As, Virohan is a new firm into health and wellness tourism. They are providing couple package at just Rs 1999/- which includes ceremony, tent, bonfire and food. Check this below poster or just subscribe here.



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