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Wax on apples is a health alarm

When you take a shining red apple, you think of freshness of the valley. But be careful when eat and give those apples to your kids.   To make apple grow faster and turn red colour, farmers and sellers use chemicals. And it’s the scene since many years because Kashmir and Himachal exports apple to the whole country. It is difficult to find chemical free farm apples, especially here in south. Climate also is not so good for apple, what it used to be in past. So nowadays, farmers and re-sellers are pushing limits to make money.

I washed an apple nicely, still the touch wasn’t so fresh. So I scratch its skin with knife and shocked to find this.

Wax like material on apple’s skin. These are all chemicals used to make them grow faster and red. Obliviously harmful. Imagine when we consume this apple. No wonder why people have health issues even after eating healthy.

I agree apple skin contain major nutrients, but these waxy skins are better to be peeled off before eating.


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