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Ways to Spiritual Maturity and Awakening

Covid-19 pandemic is nature’s slap on humanity. We ignored earlier warnings and kept on chasing our desires. Creating a more fake and polished environment that would benefit us in terms of wealth. Nature required a break from rubbish and greedy human activities. To restore itself, to eliminate pollution and to give space to other creatures. Also to make humans rethink about the purpose and importance of life.

Lockdown has led many of us to spend time with our families. And a chance to learn something new which we couldn’t due to a busy work life. Also to go inside our mind, our body and soul. Rather than chasing material happiness. Let’s start with understanding the meaning of spiritual maturity or awakening.

What is spiritual maturity?

According to the dictionary, mature means fully developed and have reached the advanced stage in the process. We might have physically matured but mentally we’re not. If so we wouldn’t have reached to this stage of pandemic. There are some brilliant minds behind running the world economy and those minds are fuelled by some corrupt corporations. Is it maturity? Take a pause and think.

My understanding of spiritual maturity is when we’re balanced and in the present moment. Spirituality can be found through religion, through recreational drugs, through travelling or by sitting at one place. Meaning is different to different people. The endpoint is to lower ego and anger.

The following are a couple of points through which one can have peace of mind and soul.

Accept People As They Are.

Many have a habit of finding faults in others and try to change them but instead lose own temper. Why you want to change other’s behaviour, lifestyle or their way of thinking. Let them do what they’re doing, life gives choices and they choose that path. Please note, this doesn’t mean you don’t stand up against the wrongdoings or injustice. There is a difference and you understand with your own experience.

Normally we point out those whom we care for. It’s completely okay to correct them once and tell the reason. ‘You can take someone to the well but you can’t make them drink water’. Understand and don’t spend your energy while unnecessary correcting people and things around you. Instead focus on yourself, on your energy.

Everyone is right in their perspective.

Different people develop different meanings. Everyone thinks that they’re doing right and are exceptional. Don’t bother, let them go on their way. If you try to help, they might think you have hidden intention and fight with you without any solid background. Trust me it happened with me a lot and I’ve learnt my lesson.

Learn to Let Go and forgive.

It is not easy to forgive people it’s much harder than punishing. I’m sure this experience you already had earlier and felt differently after punishing or forgiving. Letting it go helps you feel wise and mature. In relationships, few arguments or separation could easily be avoided by letting it go. But we hang on to our anger or ego and close our eye and opens our mouth. 

No Expectation.

It’s obvious if we don’t get what we’ve expected, we feel upset. Better not to have any expectation from anyone. Expectation kills the vibe. It also happens during tripping when we expect so much from the drug but don’t get it sometimes. We feel little down and couldn’t stay in the present moment. It’s better to go with the flow. You never know what interesting adventure you may encounter.

Stop Proving to the World.

Stop proving to the world how smart or intelligent you are. Many have a habit of showing off things to their friends or strangers. When you prove to others, you also start seeking their appreciation. Which is a tough situation because it makes you an emotional slave of others. You will not able to focus on yourself.

True intelligence and talent are spoken out loud through your work or actions. You don’t need to tell everyone but others will talk about your intelligence and talent.

Stop comparing with others.

We compare ourselves to others and feel upset or happy. Always remember, everyone is unique in their own. You are special. The person next to you is special. Everyone has some quality. Metaphorically, our fingers are of different sizes so as every human being.

Parents compare their children, wives compare their husband, kids compare their toys, etc. With comparison comes competition and desire but it also invites jealousy, anger and ego.

Understand the difference between Need and Want.

All the things that we want might not be important. It could be just another desire. Always analyse the important things and the wish list born out of desire. It will reduce your tension and expenses.

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Now during coronavirus pandemic, everyone is locked in their homes. We are still surviving without the need for fancy things. We don’t need much once we realize the essentials. Think about your needs and wants, the mind will be at peace.

At last.

If you understand the meaning of all these points and start implementing in your life. You’re set to walk on the path of spiritual awakening. When your ego and anger is in control you become control of your mind and body. These points are effective but not so easy. If you think it’ll happen in a day or a week, no. Things take time to happen.

Identify one problem that concerns you the most. And work on that until you feel happy. Rest everything will follow and you’ll develop accordingly. Mediation helps a lot in these scenarios. There are many videos and articles on the internet about doing meditation.

If you found this post helpful, please share it with at least one person. Also if you have any doubt or suggestion kindly drop a comment. I would try my best to answer.

Thank you, Om Shanti.                      

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