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How wealth leads to liberation?

With wealth, comes chaos.’ It is a perception that when wealth flows in your life, trouble seek you in a way or another. But money also solve problem. For now let’s say everything have pros and cons.   

In nature, living one (jiv in Sanskrit) seek food and Dead (Nirjiv in Sanskrit) don’t seek food. This makes food the fundamental thing for all living creatures. Food becomes Aim, Lakshya, of survival. From Lakshya come Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth).  Lakshmi come to us in two forms – ‘ann’ (food) in nature and ‘dhan’ (property) in society. All living creature (Jiv) seeks food for survival. Plant seek sunlight and water for nourishment, herbivores animal seek plants for nourishment and carnivorous seek other animals for nourishment. Thus, the quest for Lakshmi establishes the food chain. Animals hunt in packs, the stronger one gets more food and mate. It ensures that the fit survives. So that next generation is better than the previous one.

Goddess Lakshmi and God Vishnu

Lakshmi favours the man of action and thoughts. Your action and cleverness towards ‘to have’, attracts Lakshmi or wealth. It also means, Lakshmi doesn’t differentiate between a saint and a thief, between a rich and a poor. Lakshmi is available to all, only matters is how you discover it. In Ramayana, Ravana has ten heads and twenty arms. He is strong and man of action & shrewdness. Lakshmi comes to him by force. In Mahabharata, Duryodhan invited to Pandavs for a game and asked his uncle, an expert in the game of dice, to play on his behalf. Pandavas lost everything on their side. Thus Lakshmi comes to Duryadhan with gile and shrewdness. Lord Indra enjoys all pleasure in this swarg-lok or paradise because of Lakshmi. When Lakshmi comes to Lord Indra, with her she brings – Kama-dhenu – wish fulfilling cow, Kalpatru – wish fulfilling tree, Chintamani – wish fulfilling gem and Akshaya-patra – wish fulfilling pot.

Kamadhenu – A wish fulfilling cow

In Puranic text, lord Indra enjoys wealth, wine and women in his paradise. He doesn’t understand his responsibility towards Lakshmi. He is bhogi, the one who enjoys wealth. All gods lives in swarglok, paradise, and enjoys all pleasures. This seem very unfair to Asura or demon gods who live in Patallok or under earth. Indra is fortune to have Lakshmi in Swarlok. And Lakshmi’s presence makes it Swarglok, a paradise. And Asura is always trying to attack swarglok and acquire Lakshmi. And this makes Indra always worried about his kingdom, seeking help from his father Brahma. Asura and devas are always in quest for Lakshmi, they are always in conflict. God Indra is very prosperous but has no peace. Here it’s to be noted that – God Indra represent our five sense, Indriya.  Our senses always enjoy material world – Taste, smell, touch, sight and hear. It is like five horses pulling the chariot (YOU). And our senses will continue to seek Lakshmi, as long as we are bhogi. It depend on us how we direct the five horses or our senses.       

Goddess Lakshmi and God Indra

“A truly successful man is one who enjoy his success.” It simply mean living and enjoying the moment. What is the use of your millions if you are not happy inside? Take out moment for yourself everyday – watch birds, do paint, play instrument, write, or you can even stay away from your phone? In our world of Bhogis, money is required to buy food and home. Money can buy almost every-thing. Interested ones actively practice Yoga and meditaion (Dyan) around globe because it make them fit, alert to present and happy. With Yog and Dyan, we can solve our all bodily diseases. We have many spiritual organizations that help people heal and understand ourselves. Some of them are – Patanjali, OSHO International, Isha foundation (Sadhguru) and Brahmakumaris. You can visit them and discuss your issue, they will help you the best way possible. They also have long courses which might be chargeable. Today, Wealth gives freedom. You have choice to be at any part of world, you have choice of food, and you have choice of living life the way you want. A Rich can definitely have a better place or teacher in his home for mediation or yoga, without disturbance. This makes wealth, a tool.

Five horses represent senses. Lord Krishna and Arjuna.

It should be understood that, food will satisfy need of the beggar as well as of the king. Food, Lakshmi, does not differentiate between beggar and king, between cast and religion, between the social and the cultural norms. These all are boundaries imposed by human society – Based on human opinion, it is ‘Mithya’. And the food is ‘Satya’ or truth. Rather than understanding our own mistakes, we blame Lakshmi for consequences. Earth has enough to feed every creature, but not enough to feed any one’s greed. Lakshmi is supposed to flow. If you are capable, feed others who are in need. If you enable others to repay their debts, Lakshmi will stay with you. As said in Rich Dad and Poor Dad – Give money to those who are in need and it will come back to you sooner or later.

When one understands that Lakshmi is Satya, truth, and it is indifferent to human judgement. Then wealth becomes a tool for liberation.